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Important Tips For How To Enjoy Group Tours To Egypt

Egypt has always been a favorite destination for those who want to spend an affordable vacation with their beloveds and visit some of the best and the most impressive sites to take memorable pictures and to spend a good time in a foreign country. There is no country all over the world that can be compared to the land of civilization because while being in Egypt, you will find the best possible attractions to visit, have the chance to have the most magical recreational tour, refresh yourself while having a sailing excursion in the great Nile River and enjoy some of the most spectacular activities in the mesmerizing land of civilization. If you are planning a trip now with your group and need a few tips & hints to assist you in your preparation, our article will assist you in the best possible way to figure out all of the necessary items to keep in mind and the most repeated questions regarding this matter with the answers for each one.

1. Is Egypt a Suitable Group Holiday destination?

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The answer to that question will be definitely yes because of the charming Pyramids, temples, Monuments in Egypt that are bound to fascinate any traveler from any country of any age. You will find there tens of experiences to be witnessed and lots of group activities that you can share with your partners. You can check to know more about the best things & activities to do in Egypt & the best Egypt group tours you can do. You can share an amazing felucca ride with your team, enjoy the most while having a camel ride, and you won’t believe how amazing it is to have a hot-air balloon ride with your team or with other members, and you will get amazed after sharing your Nile cruise vacation with other travelers as by doing so, you will gain a lot of knowledge and you will keep remembering such experience till ever.

Along the beautiful Red Sea, there are number numbers of hotels & resorts that are typical for families and friends, and the majority of them are equipped with kids’ areas, lots of amazing activities, swimming pools, and many impressive things to suit all tastes. If you and your group want to enjoy a specific tour with specific inquiries like things to do and others don’t and so on, you should definitely go for the option of tailor-made tours which travel agencies offer in Egypt and that is how you are going to have the option of customizing your own tour itinerary and enjoy the exact tour you want to have.

2. What Is The Most Recommended Time To Visit Egypt?

If you and your group want to enjoy the best weather in Egypt and enjoy tours during the whole day, you should avoid summers as possible as you can it gets crazy hot in Egypt especially in July and August and it is going to be totally difficult for you and your group to explore the real beauty of Egypt. The most recommended time for the majority of travelers is in the winter season especially the time between November till January. You should check with the members of your group the types of activities that they want to practice, what temperature they need to avoid, the most desirable activities that want to enjoy and you can then arrange the elements of your tour accordingly.

3. Is It Safe To Try Egyptian Food From The Local Restaurants There?

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Regarding the Egyptian food, we would like to inform you that Egypt serves the most delicious traditional meals & dishes on their oriental restaurants & cafés. Travelers, who are a huge foodie, will find it a dream comes to be true in Egypt. The cost of food in Egypt is really affordable and that allows you to enjoy different cuisine from different restaurants that serve both local and international meals prepared by the most professional chefs. There are many tasty dishes that you need to try while being in Egypt including Foul Medames, Tame’ya, Koshari, Hawawshi, Konafa, Kebabs and Kofta, and many other amazing dishes. All of what you need to do is to search for the good restaurants to have your meals and enjoy with the members of your group and always remember that you shouldn’t drink tap water at all while being in Egypt not because it is not safe but because it is chlorinated a lot and can cause stomach upsets and instead, you should drink bottled water that is 100% safe and available anywhere.

You will find all types of fresh juices served in public areas and regarding alcohol, it is also available but not in the same quality you have in your country and it is not advisable to drink during your tours or in public areas as Egypt is mainly an Islamic Country.

4. What Vaccinations Are Needed While Planning A Group Tour To Egypt?

Before traveling to Egypt, you need to seek medical advice from the local health practitioner and make sure that you receive the necessary vaccinations. Among the most recommended general vaccinations are vaccinations for Tetanus, Typhoid, Rabies, Diphtheria, and Hepatitis A. You need to check for sure more information regarding the health precautions for Egypt and check the health state of each member of your group before planning a tour to Egypt. In case any member of your group is facing any kind of medical issue that may affect his/her tour in Egypt, you need to inform your travel agency and let them arrange everything for you.

5. Is It Normal To Give Tipping In Egypt?

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The word “Baksheesh” is a traditional word in Egypt that refers to tipping and you will normally hear it when you are traveling around Egypt. You will be requested to give tipping to different people who offer you services including drivers, waiters, guides, porters, security guards, etc and it is totally up to you to give tipping that seems suitable for you. There is an average for tipping in Egypt as follows, tour guides are supposed to have 10% of the bill, housekeeping staff should be given at least 2USD per day, and Nile Cruise staff should receive at least 4 USD per day. Again, tipping depends only on the type of services you are receiving whether they are satisfactory or not, and whether you actually want to give tipping or not.

6. Is It Common To Bargain In Egypt?

You should notice that bargaining & haggling are very normal things while shopping in Egypt’s souks and bazaars. You should search for the best price and don’t feel shy to negotiate vendors about the prices of the items you want to buy as it is pretty common in Egypt. The best way to have a successful agreement is to start low and then work your way up until reaching the amount in your money. Try to search for the most well-known tourist shops that other tourists buy from and you will find there what you are looking for. Don’t forget to ask for a discount for your group as big groups always get the best deals. Among the most interesting thing you can buy in Egypt you will find Pharaohnic objects, souvenirs, backgammon boards, perfumes, spices, clothes, footwear, brass wear, mirrors, bags, amazing Egyptian cotton sheets, authentic papyrus, and other charming objects that you will find in the perfect possible prices.

7. Things To Do In Egypt

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Since Egypt is considered mainly a cultural country with impressive civilization, you will find many hypnotic attractions in the main Egyptian cities just like the majestic Giza Pyramids in Giza Complex, the hypnotic Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the adorable religious sightseeing in Old Cairo, the remarkable Karnak, Luxor, Hatshepsut Temples in Luxor, the breathtaking Philae & Abu Simbel Temples in Aswan, the Greco-Roman landmarks in Alexandria, and dozens of different impressive attractions & sightseeing spread on each Egyptian spot. If you are looking to have fun with your group, you should definitely pay a visit to the Red Sea coastal beaches where you can spend a couple of days or more in Hurghada or Sharm El-Sheikh to so snorkeling or diving and to enjoy the extreme beauty of the Egyptian beaches.

If you are looking for Night-life activities in Egypt, you can enjoy the best Dinner Cruise in Cairo while having a sailing tour in the Nile or you can add to your historical tour and attend the Sound and Light Show in Giza Pyramids Complex, having a shopping tour with your group in Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, or to enjoy the perfect meal and drink at an oriental restaurant and enjoy the beautiful view.

8. Cultural Hints & Etiquette

Both men and women need to consider how they should dress while spending their Egypt vacations. Men should wear trousers in public areas and cover their shoulders. Shorts are acceptable only at the beach resorts. Women should do the same thing and respect the fact that Egypt is a very conservative destination so if any woman wants to visit Islamic sites, they need to cover their heads with scarves and remove their shoes before entering any mosque. It is common in Egypt to find men greet each other with hugs and kisses. You will find vendors trying to sell items for you in public areas, if you don’t want to buy, just refuse the offer in a polite way through putting your right hand over your heart and this is a sign in Egypt to show respect and humbleness.

9. What Do Things Cost In Egypt?

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Since Egypt is a very competitive tourist destination when it comes to prices, you will find that most entry fees, accommodation, domestic flights, etc. are very reasonable and it is even ranked to be the second cheapest country in the world based on the costs of its taxes, hotels, tours, and so on.  While planning a tour with your group, you need to include, all the transfers, hotels & Nile cruise accommodation, domestic flight tickets, lunch meals, snacks, and drinks and regarding the other costs, you can pay for them directly on spot based on which optional tours you want to have and what are the extras you want to enjoy with your group.

1o. Is WiFi available in Egypt?

Yes, it is pretty much an easy matter to have access to the internet and in order to have such access wherever you are in Egypt, you need to bring a local SIM card upon your arrival, and to do so, you need to ask your tour guide to assist you. It costs roughly 12 USD per Card and it offers 5 Gigabyte internet available for the whole time. You will find available WiFi in the lobby of your hotels and sometimes in your room with extra costs.

11. Best Celebrations To Attend In Egypt

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There are many amazing public holidays to attend and enjoy the best Egyptian traditions while being there. The most famous one is Ramadan which is the month in which Muslims refrain from eating & drinking during the whole day and start eating after the sunset. You will check some of the best Egyptian traditions & customs while visiting Egypt during that month and see the most impressive features of religion in the land of culture. After Ramadan comes Eid El-Fear which is full of celebrations and kids enjoy the most during that celebration that lasts for three days. There is also the amazing Christmas Celebration that Christians come from all around the world to enjoy in Egypt and that season is characterized as a peaked season in Egypt just like the Easter Season which is in March and you can enjoy the most notable weather during that season.

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