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5 Best Destinations for Coffee Lovers in 2024

If you love coffee, you’re probably always looking for the best place to find your new favorite cup. You may have already saved tons of money by stocking your own home with your favorite brews and a personal espresso machine or coffee maker. If you are in research for a good one, you can check reviews available at

However, if you’re interested in getting out of your home town and experiencing something new, these are some of the best destinations for coffee lovers around the world.

1. Seattle, Washington, United States

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Seattle, Washington might not immediately come to mind when you think of destination tourism but it’s a must-see locale for coffee lovers. For one, it’s the birthplace of the biggest coffee tycoon in the world today: Starbucks.

In addition to this, the city is also home to numerous smaller, artisanal coffee shops. There are other larger outfits in the city as well such as Tully’s Coffee and Victrola Coffee Roaster. Not to mention, the typically overcast and rainy weather of Seattle offers a great environment to curl up with a warm cup of coffee.

Not to mention, Seattle has other popular tourist destinations to check out while you’re there. For example, the Space Needle draws in large crowds every year.

However, living in Seattle is a bit expensive, so you might be interested in alternative locations on where to live in Washington dc. The good news is, there’re plenty of locations in Washington to accommodate your traveling needs including Noma, Eckinton, Gerorgetown and much more.  For more information, you can check

2. Colombia

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Colombia is probably one of the most expected destinations for coffee lovers on this list. After all, Colombian Roast coffee is a popular choice that many people pour into their mug every morning. This is because Colombia is home not only to unique coffee brews but coffee growth as well. The country is even known as one of the countries included in a group called the Coffee Triangle.

Of course, coffee isn’t the only thing that might call you to Colombia. The locale is also known for its beautiful mountainscapes. It’s the home to the Andes and visitors are free to explore and even take guided tours through the landscape.

For coffee, you’ll want to focus your trip on Colombia’s capital city, Bogota. There’s a bustling scene here full of cafes to check out to grab a new coffee treat.

3. Hawaii, United States

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Hawaii, the island state in the United States, is another double treat for coffee lovers. Not only is the state home to plenty of coffee shops and cafes but its also the source of coffee from the original plants as well.

Coffee grows best on the islands in Hualalai and Mauna Loa. These areas have gentle afternoon rains and an eastern breeze to encourage the growth of the coffee. The Garden Isle in Kauai is especially well-known among coffee fans as it is the home to the largest coffee farm in the United States.

Aside from coffee, Hawaii doesn’t need much introduction to make it a swoon-worthy tourist destination. From the sandy beaches and clear waters to the natural beauty of the volcanos, there is plenty to see across the islands while you enjoy the coffee you picked up at a local cafe.

4. Vienna, Austria

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You won’t find a better site for “cafe culture” than Vienna, Austria. According to UNESCO, the cafes in Austria’s capital city are considered a part of their “intangible heritage” as of 2011. The cafes in the city are also often furnished to give you a place to truly relax with your coffee rather than just encouraging you to grab your cup of joe and go on your way.

If you want a truly unique experience, one of the hotspots in Vienna is a cat cafe that opened in 2012 called Cafe Neko. This spot lets you enjoy your coffee with a cute rescue cat cuddled in your lap.

You can also hit up this hotspot to give you Vienna’s favorite brew – Melange. This drink is made with espresso, milk froth, and steamed milk, so it will give you a nice morning or midday boost to give you plenty of energy to explore the city.

5. Rome, Italy

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Rome is another city with plenty for tourists to see and do. Not only is it home to attractions that have literally been around since ancient times, but it also has plenty of cafes for you to get your caffeinated fix while you’re out and about. If you’re interested in a historical option, the Antico Caffe Greco is located in the city and opened in 1760. By some accounts, great historical figures such as Byron and Goethe have reclined with a drink in this coffee shop.

When you stop by Rome for coffee, leave the milk-based drinks like lattes to the morning time. Later in the day, it’s more traditional to opt for espresso or black coffee, even if it is slightly sweetened.

There are plenty of places around the globe that you can stop by to try out a new type of coffee or recipe. If you’re interested in this, then you need to add these destinations to your bucket list!

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