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The Best Bed Wedges And Sleeps Sports – Know the Benefits

A foam bed wedge is a pillow that helps you in experiencing a comfortable nap on the bed or, a relaxed reading while you are seated on a couch. When it comes to purchasing an ideal pillow for yourself then quality, comfort, and price are the prime considerations here. You must acquire a piece that suits your comfort levels.

Today there are several brands present in the market that offer relaxing pieces that suit your budget as well as requirements. You just have to locate the best-suited cushion for yourself. Let’s learn some more facts about these handy foam pads. You can easily get the branded bed wedges by clicking here. Here you can find the best bed wedges for keeping you in a natural and comfortable position. 

Health Benefits

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These foam bed wedges work wonders for patients suffering from acid reflux disease. In this form of the disorder, body acids travel up your stomach and reach your esophagus. This causes discomfort and irritation in your food passage when you lay down. This problem can be solved by using a comfy pillow. Here are a lot of if you use a wedge cushion, your body will be placed in an inclined manner and it will prevent the intestinal acids from traveling back.

Similarly, these cushions are a boon for the ones who suffer from back pains, arthritis, and Hiatal hernias. These foam pads allow you to slumber in an upright posture. This relieves the stress and strain on your spinal cord and perfectly balances your frame while sleeping.

Did you know that manufacturers of the bed wedge pillow focus on five major health issues when designing and manufacturing a pillow wedge? The reason this is important is they have researched, received customer feedback, and are focused on these specific health issues. A bed pillow wedge provides relief and possibly a cure for many conditions. These are the primary health conditions requiring elevated sleep:

Back Pain

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The sleep wedge for back pain must support the lower lumbar and take the stress off of the back muscles and spine. There is a memory foam pillow wedge (click here to read a review) with a groove for the spine for back sleepers. Side or back sleepers will benefit from a contoured pillow that cradles the neck and helps keep the spine straight. There are also lumbar support pillows for your desk chair.

Sleep Apnea

 Relaxed muscles in the throat cause limited airflow and suffer from sleep apnea to stop breathing during sleep. Through loud snorts and snoring, they are able to breathe. Severe cases use a CPAP and get forced air from the device to promote oxygenation during sleep. The CPAP pillow cradles the neck and face with a cutout for the breathing device.

Acid Reflux

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 This conditioned is caused by the contents of the stomach flowing back up the esophagus when the stomach is higher than the esophagus during bed rest. The condition is very serious as it creates scars in the esophagus and has been linked to Barrett’s esophagus, a form of cancer.

Leg or Knee Pain

Lower leg pain may be caused by poor blood circulation and may indicate varicose veins. If you use a leg pillow wedge, you can increase the blood circulation by forcing the blood back to the heart inside of the pooling in the leg veins. Knee pain is tricky and you should have a medical doctor decide on the proper care. People who have had knee replacement surgery should not use a knee pillow wedge without the doctor’s permission.


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The snorer usually stops snoring when turned on his or her side. However, it is difficult to stay on your side without back and neck support. The contoured memory foam pillow wedge elevates and cradles the head and often minimizes snoring. 

The bed wedge pillow is also recommended for people with asthma, heart conditions, shoulder pain, neck pain, and hip pain. The purpose of this article is to give you talking points when discussing your specific health condition with your doctor. If you are interested in a bed wedge pillow, you may be interested in the benefits of an adjustable pillow wedge. Stationary wedges cannot be customized and usually interfere with bed linens. If you suffer from acid reflux, visit the above site link to read all about three preventable causes of acid reflux and the many benefits of a bed wedge pillow.

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