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9 Tips for choosing warm women pajamas for the winter

Winter is coming! If you are located down south this won’t be an issue for you. But for the rest of us – it is. And here comes the problem – warm pajamas are usually made of flannel. These are not appealing (at least in most cases).

So here we are, facing the problem of how to be cozy and at the same time. Here are some ideas on how to deal with this issue.

1. Stick with the 2-piece set

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To stay warm, you have to wear a 2-piece set. Nightgowns will keep you colder and are not appropriate for the winter. Buy Pima cotton pajama set that is a high-quality material that will keep you cozy and warm during the long winter nights. Very interesting Pima cotton pJ’s you can find here.

2. Go bright

Pajamas in bright colors are really appealing. Pick something that compliments your whole aura. You could go with sensual colors like deep red, for example. Choose colors that would send the right message. 

3. The prints

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Avoid anything that is too childish such as flowers or cute animals. You don’t want to look like a 14-year-old girl, but rather the opposite. Instead, you could go for plaid or other option that speaks “sensual, but “woman”, not “girl”.

4. The right size

Choosing garments that fit your body figure is the thing that will make you feel and look appealing. Avoid baggy nighties that make you look unkempt. Go for the fitted look and you won’t regret it. 

5. Nightgowns?

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Yes, I mentioned earlier the nightgowns will keep you cold, but there are these long and warm pieces that are actually very sensual. If this is your style – go for it. To be sensual you have to feel it. So if this option is what you like, pick a pair that suits you and enjoy wearing it.

6. Satin… In the winter?

It may sound counterintuitive, but satin can be warm. And it is a synonym of “appealing”. Experiment with it. If you have a quilt, wearing satin PJs won’t be an issue at all.

7. Buttons… Oh!

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Buttons are cool. If you are uncomfortable wearing pajamas that fit your form, don’t worry. Just go for the 2-piece Pajama sets that have buttons. The thing is that buttons can be unbuttoned, and men really like this.

8. What does he love?

Is your loved one into some video games, sports, or a movie series? You can surprise him by putting some PJs that celebrate this hobby of his. He will surely love it.

9. Or…? The final solution.

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You can always use a heater to warm the room. This could cost you some extra money, but it will keep you comfortable. Plus, in this case, you could wear (or just sleep naked if you like) whatever you want. 

It is completely possible to be warm and sensual at the same time during the winter nights. Just use your imagination and apply some of the tips mentioned above. There are plenty of high-quality Pajamas on the market from which you can choose. My personal advice is to go for the Pima cotton pajama set. This option is perfect for the purposes discussed in this piece.

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