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The Best Antivirus Software in 2024

Modern technology truly influences all aspects of our life. We can now communicate easily with people around the world. Despite that, starting an online business has never been easier. With a creative mind and a stable Wi-Fi connection, you can become an entrepreneur.

Yet, it would be unfair to say that everything around advanced technology is perfect. A big number of benefits also bring certain concerns among people. In most cases, those concerns come because we work with a big number of files daily. Our only goal is to protect them and doing that without antivirus software is almost impossible.

The Internet is not popular only among average people. Hackers around the world will also use the opportunity to get your data and make a profit out of them. Unfortunately, people do not prepare for something like that correctly. You can often hear them saying “Why would they hack me” or “It won’t happen to me”.

We agree that being optimistic is a great thing. However, you should not be too optimistic in this case. It is a much better choice to install antivirus software and ensure yourself peace of mind.

By basic Google research, you will find a huge number of them. At first glance, they all look almost identical. However, we need to highlight that not all of them are equally good. That is the reason why we want to talk about the best antivirus software in 2024. Our guidelines will help you to find the one that meets your requirements and expectations.

BitDefender Antivirus

There are many reasons why antivirus software like this deserves to be on a list. You will manage to use different features that will keep you protected from any viruses or malware.

Before everything, you will get the opportunity for real-time monitoring to protect yourself from any potential damage. Despite that, we need to say that you don’t have to be a genius to set it up. You will manage to do that without investing any additional effort.

The program is available to you in two different versions. You can use it for free and that version covers only one PC. We believe that would be enough for people that want to protect their personal device. On the other hand, there is also a paid version that brings more benefits. If you subscribe to a paid version, you will get the chance to protect five devices at once. That includes all Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices.

Despite that, the most important thing is that you can set up parental controls on a child’s computer. Kids still don’t act responsibly when using different websites and applications. You should strive to explain to them why they should be careful. However, parental control is a much better way to keep your child safe.

Norton 360 with LifeLock Select

Have you ever heard about AV-Test? It is an independent testing lab where you can find out more about particular antivirus programs. For a long period, this antivirus has high marks for virus and malware detection. You probably heard about it before when the name of the program was Norton Security.

You will need to subscribe if you want to use the benefits of the program. However, the good news is that subscribing to a paid version will allow you to protect 5 devices at once. Despite that, computer protection is not the only thing that you will get. You will also get the chance to use safe-browsing tools, a VPN, a password manager, etc. In the end, we need to highlight that you will also get a 100GB of backup to the cloud.

We don’t want to say that all these services are highly good. However, getting them all in one place can be amazing for the users.

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee is probably one of the most famous antivirus programs in the world. Its long tradition is one of the reasons why antivirus like this deserves to be on the list. You can use it on three different platforms. In most cases, people use it for Windows 10. However, you can also use it for iOS, Android, and macOS.

Logically, the features of the program improved over time. By visiting AV-Test you will see it has the highest marks when we talk about performance and protection. You will manage to protect 5 devices against viruses. Despite that, you can also ward off malicious websites that come with a password managed. However, for the service like that, you will need to invest additional money.

There is one more option that we need to highlight here. The users can also auto-renew their subscription. If they decide on that move, they automatically get access to McAfee ID Theft Protection Essentials.


Indeed, the program like this will allow you to protect your PC from different types of viruses and malware attacks. However, that is not the main reason why the tool is popular among the worldwide population. People that find themselves in trouble consider Malwarebytes as the go-to disinfectant.

The way of how you are going to protect yourself depends on how much money you are willing to invest. The subscription will cost you $40 a year. However, for that price, you will only manage to cover one device. For some additional features, you will need to subscribe to an advanced plan. That move will cost you 80 dollars per year. In that case, you will manage to cover five MacOs, Android, and Windows devices.

Indeed, the free trial version does exist and you will manage to use it for 14 days. After that period, the version expires and you will need to subscribe to some of the plans we talked about. Still, we believe that a free trial version is a good way to get familiar with the program. You will manage to see if you picked the one that meets your requirements and expectations.


We highlighted 4 antivirus programs that deserve your attention. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop your research here. As we said, keeping your device safe should be your main priority. Our recommendation is to find out more about different antivirus software. Hearing different reviews will give you a clear picture of which program is the best for your needs.

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