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8 Benefits of Custom Printed Stand-Up Pouches

If you take a look at today’s market, you might notice that more and more companies are slowly – but surely – switching from traditional, rigid packaging options to flexible, stand-up pouches that provide them with a wide range of benefits. However, if you are thinking about doing the same, you might be wondering – what are those benefits?

Luckily for all of you looking for an answer to this question, this article will be able to help you. The text below is going to feature a list of the top 8 benefits you could gain from using custom printed, stand-up pouches, as well as various applications that they have. Let’s take a closer look at the list:

The Advantages You Can Gain

The Graphics And Design Will Be Stunning

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When you take a look at the printing process for this packaging option, you might notice a little thing called ‘flexographic’ printing. Basically, it is one of the most diverse printing options out there, and with it, you’ll be able to design stunning high-quality graphics for your flexible pouches.

What does this mean for you? Well, since it utilizes accurate ink charge systems, firm lay-downs, as well as high-level printing technology, you’ll be able to gain a packaging option that will be sturdy, however, it will also be attention-grabbing while sitting on the counter of a store.

Diverse Forms And Sizes

There are various online companies such as HiBags that specialize in manufacturing stand-up zipper pouches, which means that they can be customized and printed in a wide range of forms and sizes. Hence, when you are looking for a company that will provide you with your customized pouches, ensure that you look at what types they offer.

It Will Lower Your Expenses

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Making a change to flexible packaging will, without a doubt, decrease all of your expenses, especially when it comes to the materials. Traditional options most commonly cost up to 3 or 5 more per piece than it would with stand-up pouches. For instance, printed folding packs will cost 2 times as much. By lowering your expenses for the packaging, you’ll be able to utilize the excess money elsewhere, which could assist you quite a lot with developing your business further.

Easier Transport And Storing

When it comes to the transportation and storing of these pouches, you can also save a lot of money when it comes to distribution. Depending on what you originally used, you’ll be able to fit approximately 5 to 10 times more units in one truck and you’ll also need to use fewer pallets. And, since the boxes will be lighter, the fuel needed for the transportation will be lower as well.

Additionally, since you’ll have fewer boxes and less of the product, you won’t need a huge warehouse for storing your goods, which means that it will take less time, effort, money, and workers to move all of the boxes and products around. When you combine all of this, you’ll be able to decrease the expenses that you have quite a lot.

It is More Convenient For Consumers

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People always look for convenient options, hence, you’ll be able to add more value to your business with different features of your pouches. For instance, ones that can be resealed will improve the life of the food you are selling, hence, your customers will have a better experience with the items you are selling.

There are, of course, other options as well, such as a close that you need to press in order to close, zip-lock packages, as well as hook-to-hook options that will all make your product more convenient. Additionally, some manufacturers create steamable pouches, which means that they can be placed in a microwave.

Your Product Will Be Safer

As mentioned, these pouches often feature different closing techniques, which means that they’ll be able to keep your products fresher for a longer time and they are perfect for protecting the food inside from different elements such as heat or cold. They are often puncture-resistant, which means that the products you are selling will be safe when transported and stored.

It Draws Attention

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Since you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs, your products will be able to stand out from the crowd when on a shelf. What does this mean for your business? Well, it means that you’ll be able to make people interested in buying and trying your products just by having stunning graphics and a sustainable packaging option – which is quite important in today’s competitive market and industry.

Various Companies to Choose From

If you do some digging online, you’ll notice that there is a wide range of companies that can help you with customizing and manufacturing your stand-up pouches. Hence, before you choose the very first company that comes in your search results, you’ll want to compare everything, including the services and products they offer, the prices, and do not forget the most important thing – which is checking the reviews in order to learn whether or not previous clients had a good experience.

What Are The Applications?

There is a wide range of applications for stand-up pouches, however, the most common ones include:

  1. Savory And Sweet Food – such as nuts, fruit, cookies, crackers, beef jerky, granola, and so on,
  2. Various – such as mixes for beverages such as milkshakes, coffee, frozen food, and tea,
  3. Outdoor – such as fertilizers, insect control, seeds, and other chemicals,
  4. Animal Food – such as food for dogs, cats, birds, and fish,
  5. Other – such as cosmetics, automotive packages, and industrial uses.


As you can see, there is a wide range of benefits that you can gain from choosing to switch from the traditional packaging options to stand-up pouches. Not only will this option allow you to completely customize your packaging, but, you’ll be able to easily transport and store them as well.

So, now that you are aware of all the benefits you can reap, you should not waste any more time. Instead, you should start browsing the Internet, in order to find a stand-up pouch manufacturing company that will suit your brand’s needs, requirements, as well as the budget that you have.

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