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8 Benefits of Using Neon Signs in Advertising?

Advertising is a type of communication that a sponsor uses to attract consumers to buy a product or use a particular service. Information and emotions are very important for advertising to be effective. Interest in a product through branding, and for that purpose television, billboards, radio, newspapers, and many other types of promotions are used. However, the one that attracts special attention visually, and from a financial point of view, is this one. Neon LED signs.

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The mental energy that we direct towards a particular product or service is the fuel that drives the economy. Market entities are fighting for our attention because they live from it.

People find various ways to promote their business in the best way, which is not always easy. In order not to wander and spend money in vain in various advertising campaigns, it is important to make a good strategy.
Advertisements are all around us. It is estimated that the average person sees an average of 20,000 advertisements a day, whether they are billboards, catalogs, emails, or any other type.

What is Neon Sign Board?

One of the cheapest, but also the most effective ways of advertising is personalized neon signboard. Advertisements are the most effective way of communication between a seller and a potential buyer, and illuminated signs guarantee visibility. It has been present on the market for more than a hundred years. This is a particularly good choice for beginners, as it does not require a lot of money for advertising purposes. Also, there is no industry in which advertising is not a good choice. Neon Mama made sure that personalized neon signs find their place in many homes, fitting perfectly into space while performing the function of a lamp.

Still, let’s get back to advertising. You will often hear that every ad is a good ad. If we are talking about the way of advertising, it is certainly true. Still, some are more effective than others. Although it is said that it is a smart investment, each of us will try to find the most economical and efficient way to present the business he is engaged in. That’s when non-commercials come on the scene, and we’ll show you why.

It is always visible and attractive

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Neon lights will attract the attention of every passerby, especially at night. When installing, it is necessary to check the light level, ie whether the lighting is optimal. Remember Las Vegas. This glowing city is full of neon signs, and despite the large number of them, each one is highlighted and noticed.

Easy installation

When we talk about the installation of this advertisement, you have nothing to worry about, because it is very simple. Your only concern is to find the perfect place, whether it is indoor or outdoor. You can check out Bibi LED for great deals .

A longer lifespan

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You will learn the most about the lifespan of the LED neon light if you read on the packaging, but in general, we can say it has a much longer lifespan than traditional neon lights, which is 50,000 hours. If we turn this into years, we will conclude that we have invested wisely in the next 34 years!

Low energy consumption

The electricity bill is probably one of the first things you think of when you think of a neon sign that consists of dozens or hundreds of small light bulbs on average. This should not worry you, because thanks to the high efficiency of LED technology, costs are reduced 6-8 times.

To make it more clear to you, we will say that an ordinary neon sign consumes about $ 200 of electricity per year, while an LED consumes about $ 80. Another thing that goes in favor of LED neon is that it is even cheaper than traditional.

Environmentally friendly

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Yes, it is environmentally friendly and has the same power consumption as a standard household lightbulb. LEDs are considered to be green and even after their lifespan, the disposal does not pollute the environment. On the other hand, traditional neon lights are dangerous and toxic because they use mercury. That is the reason why people should be careful with the disposal.

Low maintenance

These labels are very easy to maintain. Although they are almost constantly inflamed, the tubes do not heat up, so you do not have to be afraid that you will get burns when cleaning. They are resistant to a variety of yes, snow, high temperatures, and humid weather.

Thinner signs

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Did you know that a regular neon sign is 3-5 inches thick, while the LED sign is only 1 inch thick? This makes it easier for installation and transportation, but also cheaper heaving in mind it is much lighter.

Design freedom

The advantage of these ads is that they can be personalized and it is very easy to get the desired logo, font, or anything else that will make your caption stand out from the crowd.

How much does it cost?

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Before you think $ 150-1000 is too much money for this type of advertising, remember that you would spend a lot more on a billboard, and for a limited period. This way you are at least sure that you will advertise for the next thirty years, which is the average lifespan of LED neon signs.

If you are still wondering why is it so expensive, the answer is that making these types of commercials is not very simple and requires a lot of effort and time. Some more complicated designs require specific shapes, colors, and other elements. The more complex the design – the higher the price.


The market is flooded with many products and sometimes it is very difficult to recognize quality. That is why you must not see investing in advertising as a cost, but as a way to reach potential customers more easily. What is important to note is that the neon sign should not contain a biography of your company or a detailed description of a particular product, but a simple but effective inscription or logo. Graphic designers can also help a lot in this.

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