A Guide to Beginner-Friendly Belts in Path of Exile

In this article, we will explore a selection of accessible and useful belts that are ideal for beginners in the game Path of Exile. These belts offer various benefits and can greatly enhance your gameplay experience, whether you are focusing on attacks, spells, or energy shield builds. We’ll discuss their unique properties, recommended usage, and acquisition methods, helping you make informed decisions when choosing the right belt for your character.

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In this article, we want to talk about accessible and useful belts for beginners in Path of Exile.



The Prismweave is a great belt for closing the plot on builds through attacks because it gives a lot of elemental damage and elemental resistance. Gradually, as the level increases, it loses its relevance, and it can be used from level 25 until entering the maps, after which it is worth switching to items with a large number of characteristics. If you play not on attacks, but on elemental spells, then its replica may well suit you, it gives all the same increases, but only to spells, simplifying the process of closing plot acts. The original drops very often, and the replica is also often found in showcases during large robberies for unique items. If you swing several characters per league, then one piece can be put aside.


The Feastbind has recently begun to drop very often. It is now one of the most common belts. It can also be used to level up a character in the plot, as it is available already from level 11. But the further you go, the more it loses to its competitors. The only reason to use this item is that it has the unique stat of 50% increased Flask Charges gained while any flask is active. No other belt provides as much of this particular property as the Feastbind, surpassing the maximum of 40% found on rare yellow belts. It is particularly useful in builds for rangers or noblemen who rely on permanent flask effects.


The Faminebind belt in Path of Exile is popular for several reasons. Firstly, it offers a unique combination of benefits, such as increased damage, life leech, and reduced flask charges used. This makes it appealing for builds that focus on sustaining life and dealing with damage. Additionally, the belt is relatively easy to obtain, making it accessible to a wide range of players. Its popularity also stems from its versatility, as it can be used effectively in various character builds and playstyles. This belt is highly cherished by players, and it raises curiosity about whether it will be retained in the upcoming installment of the game, which is speculated to possibly release as early as 2024.

The Retch

The Feastbind and the Faminebind can be combined at the merchant with one Orb of Link into another unique belt that can only be obtained in this way. The Retch has some interesting stats: high health, cold resistance, and flask duration, but it’s mostly used for its 15% run speed boost while flasks are active. If you like to rush through the maps like a meteor and farm quickly, then it is worth paying attention. It also has the unique effect of dealing damage to the target based on the health drained.

Bated breath

Bated Breath is an example of an excellent cheap unique item that can be actively used by players who build their energy shield build.

By itself, it gives a good amount of energy shield, but most importantly, it has the property of accelerating its recharge by 50%, which significantly increases the character’s survivability. It is used for a long time and replaced with a well-crafted Crystal Belt, which will simply have significantly more flat Energy Shield bonuses. In some assemblies, the belt remains until the very end. The Bated Breath has a replica that stands very impressive. You can get it with a very, very small chance in the showcases of theft for uniqueness. If you see such an item, be sure to take it. During the league, the price changes a lot, at the time of writing this material, the belt costs 15 divine spheres.



This game is often compared to Diablo 4, but the latter is unlikely to have such a variety of unique items for the character. Choosing the right belt for your character in Path of Exile can greatly impact your gameplay experience. The belts mentioned in this guide provide unique advantages suitable for beginners. Consider their specific properties and recommended usage to find the belt that best complements your build. Whether you seek elemental damage, flask enhancements, extended durations, or energy shield bonuses, these belts offer a range of options to enhance your character’s capabilities.

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