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How To Become Bulk SMS Aggregator

Bulk messaging plays an important role in business promotion. The SMS aggregator offers a variety of options and configurable parameters. They are a must-have for business owners who have decided to use bulk mailouts to notify their clients about current promotions and offers.

SMS services feature multiple settings. This makes it possible to send notifications to certain mobile service providers considering time zones, locations, and other factors. Payment for mailout via text messaging platform depends on the number of messages and the preferable mailing channel.

How SMS Platform Works

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To start working with the texting platform, you should create a bulk mailout – that is, to compile a message. Keep in mind that there is a length limit for the message you can send. For messages in the Latin alphabet, 160 characters are available, and when writing in Cyrillic characters, you can use no more than 70 of them. Your SMS should contain the key information that can raise interest in your potential buyer.

Then, you are to choose whom your messages will be sent to. The generated database will help to select the list of recipients. Phone numbers must be specified using the international format. You can use segmentation, which will make it possible to create messages that will be interesting for a certain group of potential clients.

The most important function of mass mailing Gateway is to send the message to your audience and then return a delivery report with data such as time of delivery and delivery status. The mass mails gateway works out which cell phone network the receiving mobile number is on, transmit the message directly to the appropriate mobile company, receive a delivery report from the mobile company’s systems and then send this report back to the original requesting software.

All you need to do after completing the preliminary activities is to launch an advertising campaign. Notifications can be sent right now. You can also set up a mailing schedule. This will make it possible to choose a convenient time period for sending notifications to users from various time zones.

Due to the automation of SMS marketing, you will be able to make mailout as convenient and simple as possible. You can also send messages only to those clients who don’t read your emails or have recently made a purchase on the website.

The efficiency of SMS Mailouts

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Sending SMS messages is the most efficient tool for a marketing campaign. This is due to certain factors that influence business promotion:

  • An opportunity to notify a large number of clients simultaneously – almost all customers use mobile phones for communication;
  • SMS notifications tend to be opened much more often than emails since users check their phones about 80 times a day;
  • a message can be used to notify the client about promotions, to confirm registration, or to send the latest corporate news;
  • SMS can be used by owners of any business;
  • high speed of message delivery ensures the fastest possible contact with every client;
  • The system is free from failures, which makes it possible to deliver SMS messages even if the phone is switched off.

You can use several advertising campaigns together. For example, you can send notifications to email and mobile phones. A good solution to achieve your goal is to combine these channels or to send SMS messages only to those clients who don’t read emails. It is quite easy to create such campaigns using SMS marketing platform, with users being more likely to read the message and become interested in your product.

SMS mailouts make it possible to use a single access point to send messages to various mobile providers. At the same time, the cost of sending notifications won’t change. Business texting software is aimed at the automatic segmentation of the client database, regardless of the provider. You will also have no problems with ported numbers. If the client changes the provider, messages will be delivered to a new address.

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The software perfectly operates with any CRM system. You can use mailout segmentation by status, as well as study the statistics of delivery and reading of every certain message. This will make it possible to choose the most efficient method of achieving your goal, and change the content to make users more interested.

The best way to create a unique message is to personalize it – so that the client could get the feeling of a personal conversation with a company representative. If the client wants to continue it, he can proceed to the website and order products.

Sending SMS messages is extremely popular among organizations of various scales. They are used both in the banking sector and in delivery services. Messages are one of the easiest and fastest ways to notify the client about any kind of service. About 98% of users read messages within seconds after receiving a notification.

Peculiarities of SMS Marketing

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Users can agree to receive notifications – the website should contain the form to subscribe. This will make it possible to accumulate a database of interested users.

You shouldn’t use long-term offers in your messages. Clients may forget about them. Users will be much more interested in learning about the promotion that is scheduled for the forthcoming weekend. You can also remind you about an interesting offer right when the campaign starts.

An important stage is to schedule the time of sending the message. If the company’s target audience are young and middle-aged people, to attract the audience, you should send notifications after the end of business hours. In this case, the clients won’t worry about working problems and will be able to give the right evaluation of your offer’s advantages.

To sum up

SMS platforms for business is a great option for creating an efficient advertising campaign. The platform makes it possible to engage as many clients as possible and send important messages to the interested audience.
Clients will be able to learn about the most attractive offers and promotions. You can increase the conversion rate of your website and give rise to sales volumes by setting up correct program settings

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