Can Arsenal Challenge for the Premier League Title 2024

The Premier League started a few weeks ago, and the main question is who will win the prestigious title and end up in first place on the table. Thanks to the great signings, Arsenal is at the top of the table for now, but let’s see whether they can stay competitive and end up as winners.

Pre-season predictions


Let’s start with what all the predictions before the season started were all about, as regardless of what happened during the summer transfer window, two teams remain the top two contenders to win the title. Yes, we will say nothing new if we mention Man City and Liverpool as teams that everyone favored to win the title this year, but many things happened since then, and after game week nine, the Premier League 22/23 table currently looks much different than anyone could ever predict.

Namely, The Gunners are in the lead, suffering just one loss against Manchester United, leaving even Citizens with Haaland behind. Of course, there are many opposite opinions regarding whether Arteta’s lads can actually go all the way and win it all, and even though this surely seems like a light at the end of an extremely long tunnel, much more games are yet to be played.

Top class striker eager to prove himself


It is not possible to expect great wins without enough goals and enough goals without having a great striker, and luckily, the Gunners thought about it before the beginning of the season when they signed Gabriel Jesus. There is no doubt that he is a player of amazing skills, and he started showing them as soon as he got to the Emirates, and it is almost certain that it is only the beginning. The fact that Ronaldinho believes in him, and sees Arsenal at the top of the table at the end of the season, thanks to Jesus’s lead, certainly gives him wind at his back.

His goals and assists in the preseason and at the beginning of the season show that he is eager to prove, as he did not get enough chance in his previous team. We are still at the beginning of a great battle for the Premier League title, but it is already obvious that Gabriel Jesus was the great choice for the team from North London.

The squad


Everyone who has watched at least one Arsenal game last season saw that the team needs not a rebuilding per se but more quality players in certain positions, and that’s precisely what Edu, in cooperation with Arteta, has done this transfer window. As you might have noticed, many players were mentioned as the next big signings for the Gunners, but we all know that the biggest focus was on striker(s), midfielder, central defender, a winger, and a left/right full/wing-back. Yes, Aretas’s side was pretty good even last season, but as soon as one of the first-team members couldn’t perform, the problem occurred as there weren’t quality substitutes. That’s no longer an issue this season, as Saliba was impressive so far, along with Zinchenko.

In the midfield, everything starts and ends with Odegaard, and even though his stats might not look as impressive ’till now, when you look at crucial passes and how every possession the ball goes to him, it’s pretty clear that this young Norwegian is yet to show how much he is worth. As for other additions, Jesus is definitely the biggest deal because, as we have already mentioned, he showcased his skills and goalscoring intuition that every quality striker needs to have. Vieira and Marquinhos are definitely projects for the future, but Vieira will surely get his chance sooner as he has already proved himself while in Porto, and the only reason he is still far from the first team squad is that he suffered an injury upon his arrival at Emirates.

Even though still of pretty young age, Martinelli and Saka now have much more experience and minutes playing at the top level, which is yet another reason why Arsenal have such great results at the beginning of the season. Another thing that optimists see from this Arsenal team is the type of attacking football they haven’t seen since Wenger left. Of course, many fans have trouble seeing Xhaka playing as a DM, but if everything works, there is no need to replace him, even though some younger and more eager player could do much more work in the midfield and avoid receiving so many yellow and red cards.

The upcoming fixtures will tell us everything


The fixtures favored Arsenal, as they started against Crystal Palace, Leicester, and Bournemouth, but if we go back to the beginning of the last season, Arsenal also had a pretty easy first game against Brentford and still managed to lose it. Now, everything looks much brighter, as once these “small” games were easily won, the team gathered much confidence and performed extremely well against Spurs last game week. That was probably their biggest win this season so far, as it was a game that will clearly show whether this Arsenal squad matured enough to be considered as a Champions League contender or not.

As for why the next couple of game weeks means so much, the next game will show whether Arsenal should be considered the title contender because they are facing Liverpool. Four games after that, they face Chelsea and are yet to face Man City. After these games, then we can clearly see and state whether this season can be the one when the Gunners could go all the way.

Final thoughts

It is difficult to predict who will win the prestigious Premier League title, as we are still at the beginning of the season, but it is more than obvious that we will see a great battle until the end. Man City is still one of the favorites, especially after signing Haaland, who is proving his skills from the first game, and we can never write off Liverpool, as they proved so many times they know how to rise from any situation. Arsenal is on a great winning streak, which makes them competitive for the title, but since we have many games until the end and 20 clubs in the league, surprises are always possible. However, the Gunners’ goal is to end up in the first four places and make sure to play Champion’s League next year, so they will give their best to fulfill it.

Regarding that, predicting the winner at this stage of the competition is really challenging, but if you are a fan of sports betting and have some idea who may end up in the first place, visit Bet365.

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