5 Things to Know about Arena Tournament Gear in WoW Shadowlands

In a world where playing video games is a sport and pretty popular and profitable for that matter, it’s nothing unusual that some games are looked upon as great influencers. One of those games, even though it was one of the first games of this genre, is surely World of Warcraft. As for what led to such a success of this game, there isn’t just one or a few things, as the whole concept was entirely new, but the storytelling, quests, dialogs, and that regardless of the level, there is always something to do undoubtedly played a huge role. Furthermore, certain aspects help a lot too, and a variety of weapons, accessories, clothing, bags, etc., combined with an exemplary and unique storyline, was simply the perfect mix.

Gear in WoW


Specific aspects and terminology set aside great games from the bad ones, and for WoW, that’s their unique gear. Obtaining various gear is mostly achieved through completing quests and defeating bosses, but here is what many find confusing. Namely, players often state that there are two types of gear, the PvP and PvE gear, but the main difference between them is about the name and their appearance. What this means for the game and players is that regardless of how you got this gear, either by raiding or completing dungeons or via traditional PvP means, you can use them in PvP. Furthermore, the latest expansion of the game also brought changes about gear, as now it is possible to buy them. Now, when we have settled that, let’s focus on essential things you should know about gear, or to be more precise, Arena Tournament gear.

Honor is where it all starts

Like with everything in this game, honor is an essential ingredient, and it can be used as a currency in the latest expansion. Namely, the only difference is that when you earn honor points in Shadowlands, you can spend those points and buy gear instead of unlocking it, like it was in the previous versions. Furthermore, it’s also good to know that you can gear up characters before entering Arenas.

You need it


Well, the first thing we need to mention when we speak about Arena Tournaments in WoW expansion Shadowlands is that it is necessary to have a certain gear if we want to win the Tournament, and it is impossible to do it without having it. There are various vendors we can use, and it is crucial to make a plan of what you need and what can help you reach the goal. To do that, you need to learn more about the game and think about the best way to win it. Trying to win the Arena without the proper gear is mission impossible, which means that the first step is to notice that you really need it. It is not a game where you can rely on luck because it is necessary to be prepared for certain battles and have the proper equipment to finish them as a winner.

There are a lot of boosts

Every WoW player is familiar with boosts and how useful they can be, and it is good to know that we can use them in Arena Tournaments in Shadowlands too. Deciding to use them is an easy decision, but finding a reliable website to buy some of them can be pretty challenging because there are many scams. The WoW game was popular for a long time, and many people try to make a profit out of it by cheating the players willing to win the game, and because of that, it is necessary to be careful. Reading the reviews is one of the best possible ways to check on websites that sell boosts because people are willing to share their experiences and write a few good words about a reliable website or a few bad about the website that cheated on them. It is great if you have enough time to read the reviews and find the best website to buy a boost, but if you want to play WoW immediately, buy boost and save some time, we have a solution for you. We can recommend a reliable website where it is possible to buy a boost that can help you win the game, and all you need is to visit

Reward system


Well, this one is a great new addition as game developers added various rewards that you can claim. Of course, in order to be eligible for various unique mounts and titles, the team must be among the top-ranked ones, but it’s good to know that all that effort is valued and that you can actually get some unique gear. So, check your team’s progress, and at the end of the season, who knows, maybe the team will get some great mounts. As for the titles, they last until the end of the current season, so make sure to make the most out of it while you can.

There is various equipment

Many beginner players are aware that they need armors and clothes to win the WoW tournament arena, but they do not know that there is much more that they can buy and use to make their battle much easier. We can choose among various armors, depending on our strategy and the game playing style. Besides the armors, it is necessary to think about proper clothes since they can really make a difference and save you from other players’ attacks. Another great thing is pets, and for those who want to play WoW, pets can be a pretty amazing thing, together with many other accessories that can be useful during the whole game. It is up to you to read more about the whole game and learn which can be used in which way before creating the best tactics and choosing the best possible equipment for that. There are a lot of options, and each person should choose the equipment by their preferences because there is no such thing as the best choice.

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