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Are Home Remedies Effective For Lice Removal?

Lice can be big irritation when you are getting them. Lice mostly attack kids, which is not a good thing. As soon as you are removing these lice, it could be better for you. There are many ways to kill lice including medical treatment and home remedies.

As lice are not that dangerous for someone’s health, you can initially apply home remedies to get rid of these creatures. In the following, we will discuss the common myths about lice and if these home remedies are even effective for lice removal.

How Head Lice Spead?

As we mentioned before, head lice are very irritating. People get lice from the direct contact of an infected person. That’s why most of the time kids get lice from their classmates. On the other side, you can get lice when you are using headgear such as comb, hat, and towel of an infected person.

Myths About Lice

If you get lice, you will find many myths regarding this topic. There are many myths around lice. However, they are not true. In the following, we will cover the common myths about lice. Let’s find out.

The Length of Hair Detarimains The Chance of Getting Lice

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You may know that some people say the length of hair detrains the change of getting lice. However, this is not true. Lice don’t discriminate based on your hair’s length. Lice mostly attach to the scalp. So, anyone can get lice who is coming into contact with an infected person.

Lice Are Dangerous For Health

Now, you know the answer. This is a common myth among many people that getting lice can be very dangerous for health. Well, we are not saying that lice are not creepy at all. When someone is getting lice, it’s better to get rid of them as soon as possible. But they are not harmful. All you will get an itchy feeling when they are moving on your head.

Lice Spread Because of Lack of Cleanliness

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It’s another common myth we hear from many people. They say lice spread because of lack of hygiene. In reality, anyone can get lice that are coming into direct contact with an infected person. Washing your hair will not kill these lice. In fact, lice can survive up to five hours underwater. So, you need to apply the actual treatment for lice removal.

Do Home Remedies For Lice Removal Work?

When people get lice, they search for many precautions. However, you can apply home remedies in an early stage. If it’s not working or you are having super lice, then you can get help from an expert. Yes, home remedies are effective when you are taking them the right way.

Best Home Remedies For Lice Removal

As we mentioned before, home remedies are very effective for lice removal. There are many remedies people apply for getting rid of lice. However, we have handpicked some effective home remedies in the following list. Let’s have a look, so it can also help you.

Wet Combing

Wet combing is one of the best traditional methods people apply for treating lice. Wet combing will also help you by making lice more visible. For applying this method, you need to put conditioner or hair gel on wet hair. Then, start combing with a fine-toothed comb carefully. Apply this process for 4-5 times and make sure you are doing this method twice a week.

Coconut Oil

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Well, if you don’t want to go with the wet combing method, then coconut oil could be a decent alternative. There are many surveys that report coconut oil is the most effective way to get rid of lice. Applying coconut oil regularly can easily kill lice by suffocating them. However, if you want to kill eggs, coconut oil is not the perfect remedy.

Tea Tree Oil

You may know that tea tree oil is a popular home remedy for some skin conditions. However, it is similarly effective for lice removal. Just like coconut oil, tea tree oil has grabbed the attention of researchers. If you are applying tea tree oil for few weeks, then it can kill lice. However, you can also use some products that include tea tree oil for lice removal.

Olive Oil

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Olive oil also works like coconut oil by suffocating lice. If you want to get a highly effective result regarding lice removal, you can use anise oil (also effective for lice removal) and olive oil together. Plus, olive oil also good for hair and scalp treatment. However, just like other oil, olive oil can’t kill eggs of lice.


If you don’t want to use this oil for lice removal treatment, then mayonnaise could be very beneficial. In fact, many people claim that mayonnaise is the most effective home remedies for getting rid of lice. Mayonnaise can help you by smothering lice. Then you can easily comb your hair to remove lice. Some surveys also report that mayonnaise helps people by easing the irritation that is caused by lice.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly could be a suitable alternative for mayonnaise and coconut oil. In fact, petroleum jelly can also kill the eggs of lice. However, it could be greasy and messy when you are applying. So, you need to wash your hair after applying. You can either apply petroleum jelly directly or use products that are made with petroleum jelly.

Clean Around The House

Applying home remedies for lice removal treatment could be very effective. You can use any product as per your requirement. However, when you or your child get lice, you don’t need to clean the whole house. Instead, it’s better if you are cleaning the clothes and hair gear of the infected person.


Before getting any medical treatment, you can easily try home remedies. We have covered all the useful home remedies you can apply for lice removal treatment. However, in some cases when you need to know some more information regarding lice removal, you can research. You can also get help from an expert.

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