10 Best Android Apps That Are Worth Downloading in 2024

As technology evolves, so do our everyday lives, too. In the past, we did not have access to the limitless resources we have now, so we tried to manage the best we could. When we wanted to learn a new language, we attended a language course. If we wanted to learn how to cook or prepare a fancy meal, we would manually search the cookbooks to find that perfect meal. Also, do you remember the good-old maps that took a half-day to even open up in the car? Fortunately, today it is not necessary to do any of this stuff because we have technology that evolved so much that we can not even remember how we lived without it beforehand. Today we have mobile apps that make our everyday lives much easier, but also much more interesting.

As mentioned above, in the past we needed a lot more guidelines, courses, and directions, and today all we need to do is install an application for anything we need. Today, there are applications that can help many directions or give a suitable occupation, hobby, provide us with good service, etc… Need some advice on how to find an app suitable for your needs? Today we bring you the 10 best apps suitable for everyone. And what are those? Find out below.

1. Entertainment apps


Of course, the first thing that each of us is interested in is fun and entertainment. When it comes to the content industry for smartphones, there are a number of options related to entertainment and fun, and some of them that you can download are games such as Candy Crush Saga, Zynga Poker, Bingo Blitz, Subway Surfer, and a number of others which you should download if you are always looking for fun.

2. Security apps

It is important for everyone to be safe while browsing online or using their mobile phone. VPN, or virtual private network, creates a safe tunnel that encrypts your data and keeps your browsing safe and protected. It can also be used to mask your IP address and to access geo-restricted content without restrictions. According to online reviews, the ExpressVPN app offers one of the best UI at high speed.

3. Apps for relaxation

Today we are living a more stressful life than we did before, and it’s essential to take time to rest. And how do we do that? We will do this with the help of calming apps that have exercises and special techniques that have helped millions of people around the world. The best proof of that is Calm, which is the number one choice for everyone experiencing stress from a stressful daily life.

4. E-classroom apps


Each of us wants to learn and upgrade our knowledge and skills. It is available today in many ways, especially more so when it comes to cell phone usage. For example, there are a number of options like Duolingo which offers language learning, and Zoom which offers an online classroom-like space where you can learn in a group.

5. Shopping apps

Shopping today is not what it used to be. Today you don’t have to go directly to the store to buy something. The availability of advanced smart options has made shopping more interesting and available. Today we have shopping apps like AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, and similar that are easily accessible at any moment. Looking for new clothes, tech equipment, or even a piece of furniture? Download one of these apps and get it delivered in a blink of an eye.

6. Office apps

We know that the pandemic has changed our habits and needs, and we can see that by the number of different office apps. Such apps are all Google applications (Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Drive), Dropbox, Greenfly’s dropbox alternative, Outlook, Microsoft Times, and similar that you can use for greater and better functioning at a distance when you are not in the office, and you need to do something from your mobile phone.

7. Movie streaming and music apps

Watching your favorite TV show or listening to music has never been easier. Thanks to technological advancements, you can have all that and much more on your phone so you can watch your favorite movie or listen to music and podcasts on the go via their apps. One of the best movie and series streaming apps are Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu. For listening to music, definitely think of downloading Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, or similar.

8. Fast e-payment apps

We must not forget the fast e-payment options that allow us to have our cards stored on our phones. A great example of those is the e-wallets of Google and Apple, as well as a large number of other similar applications provided by banks.

9. Navigation apps

We must not forget one of the biggest aspects of our everyday life: commuting to work and traveling. Google Maps must be the most famous navigation app ever. Whether you are looking for directions to your destination or you are looking for nearby cafes and restaurants, this app offers you all that and much more.

10. Fitness apps


Physical well-being is equally important as mental well-being. Our lifestyle has changed, and our desk jobs can have a negative impact on our health. One of the best apps you can use to track calories is MyFitnessPal. It offers more than 11 million foods in its database, and it makes it easier for you to stay on track on your fitness journey. Also, if you want to track your physical activity, use can use apps like Fitness22 or Google Fit. These apps can help you track your daily steps, running activities, workouts, and much more.

These were just some of the most popular apps that make life easier, but also make everyday life more practical. So take a look at the categories we talked about, consider your needs, and find the best app for you. Whether you are looking for an app that can help you stay in shape, an app that helps you relax, an app that protects you from online threats – there is an app for you.

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