How You Can Own Air Freight from China to USA With Lower Cost

Air freight costs are always a big challenge for importers. But looking for the cheapest prices is not a good strategy to reduce them. So be careful not to sacrifice quality for low prices. The idea that you always have to pay a lot to get the best service is also wrong.

By managing costs and optimizing your air freight from China to the USA, you can easily have a high quality and cost-effective shipping. But what strategies are needed to manage expenses? Let’s find out. Click here to know more.

Estimating your costs before air freight from China to USA

Before shipping, know exactly what you are going to pay for. To do this, you need to understand all the factors that affect air freight costs. You also need to know the market and up-to-date rates. Because shipping rates are constantly fluctuating and unstable.

When working with a carrier, make sure all costs are taken into account. Because sometimes they may miss some of them and come to you in the next step to pay. You can get help from a freight forwarder to ensure that their workflow is correct. They can estimate all your rates in detail.

Use the right air freight services


The airline industry offers different flights with different speeds and prices. This variety is for goods that have different time priorities.

  • Charter. This type of flight is used for urgent needs. This way you can transport the essential goods that you need most urgently. This method is the fastest and the most expensive flight.
  • Deferred. It is the cheapest method but its transit time is long. Because there are several stops along the way. This process is however considered as one of the most secure transit solution. On the other hand, it plays vital role while shipping goods via ground shipments.
  • Standard. This flight is suitable for those who have scheduled shipping on specific dates. This flight can be cost-effective if you are dealing with a lot of transportation.

Have a plan B

Having a plan B is one of the smartest strategies. Hence, you are ready for any unexpected problem. Always have a backup plan to reduce costs and prevent financial losses. The last year saw a deeply shattered economy due to the pandemic, yet this year has unveiled some ways to solve the challenges that has thrashed the businesses. And, transportation being at the crux of every business it is extremely crucial to find solutions to primary pointers like being prepared for capacity shortages and managing the resources that are available.

For example being more vigilant in spending time and money on the right resources and maximizing the output from them by cost reductions, optimum utilization of the infrastructure, incorporating technology that ensures fast and smooth transit like software made to support transit assignment.  Such advanced technologies help in risk calculation, optimization of trips and hassle-free management with user-centric Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Right packaging


Try to have a light and durable packaging for the goods you are going to import from China to the USA. Because the lower the weight of your package, the lower your air freight costs. The best mode of shipping is Air freight from China to the USA as it is known for its safety and efficiency extremely beneficial for immediate shipping. With impeccable trade deals from China the trade industry is skyrocketing with promising profits and lucrative business opportunities.

Do your air freight under Incoterms rules

It is a vital factor in air freight from China to USA expense savings. If you ship according to one of the rules of Incoterms, you can easily find out all the conditions and costs. Its contract is very clear about who is responsible for procurement and costs.

Get a help from a reliable freight forwarder company


They can offer you the best services and the most reasonable prices due to having a wide range of relationships with professionals. If you want to do the booking or finding carrier alone, it may take several days. But with them, this process is done in one day. At Topshipping, we make sure you get the best air freight rates.

A small but important tip! Always carry your shipment with the same freight forwarder. Because they definitely give their regular customers the best prices, services and discounts. But you must always live up to your commitments and stay true to them. Because your reputation and being professional are very important to them.

Use the right services

Optimal choice is very important. Because the cheapest do not always reduce overall costs. Thus, the wrong choice may cause irreparable damage to your cargo and capital. You should pick the right packaging, suitable pallet, safe route, and insurance. In this case, you avoid the addition and hidden expenses.

Avoid peak season for air freight from China to USA


You may experience a lot of delay in shipping due to the congestion and the large number of customs paperwork. And you know that the more delays, the more costs there are. For example do not buy and ship in peak season. Because the prices skyrocket. It also has many delays such as, port congestion and lack of capacity.  Be sure to submit the documents to customs in a timely manner. Because if you are late, the goods will be kept in customs longer than free of charge. In this case, the cost of storage is really expensive.

Navigating Export and Import Regulations

Export Regulations in China: When exporting from China, it’s essential to understand and comply with the country’s export laws. This includes accurate documentation and awareness of any export taxes or restrictions on specific goods. Non-compliance can lead to costly delays and increased expenses in the export process.

US Import Regulations: For successful import into the USA, familiarize yourself with the stringent US import laws. This involves adhering to tariffs, understanding trade agreements, and complying with restrictions on certain imports. Correct classification of goods under the Harmonized Tariff Schedule is vital to avoid penalties and facilitate smooth import operations.

Free Trade Agreements: Leveraging free trade agreements between China and the USA can be beneficial for both export and import activities. These agreements often provide reduced tariffs and simplified customs procedures, making the import process more cost-effective and efficient.

Regulatory Changes: Keeping up-to-date with regulatory changes in Sino-US trade policies is crucial for anyone involved in the export and import business. Regular engagement with trade experts and staying informed about industry developments are key to adapting shipping strategies and ensuring compliance.

Sufficient information about customs clearance

During air freight from China to the USA, your goods must be checked at the customs of origin and destination. You know that the export and import laws of each country are different and each type of product needs its own licenses. If you do not have enough knowledge and as a result the documents are incomplete, you will incur heavy fines.

As a result, before importing, find the permits you need from the US customs site. Also, make sure that all packages have the necessary labels. Considering the zooming business opportunities in import and exports globalization has taken a higher leap forward which implies superior trading transactions coupled with robust technology. Businesses must keep the technological advancements in mind and the rightful placement of shipping strategies to ensure hassle-free shipping.

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