Online Stores With International Delivery

In online stores in other countries, you can find products that are not available in your country. You will have to pay more and wait longer, but you can sacrifice time and money for the desired purchases. Plus, so that you don’t worry, almost all online stores provide you with such an opportunity as package tracking. Thanks to tracking usps, you can see exactly where your parcel is at the time of delivery.

Chinese Online Stores


Many people believe that Chinese online stores are one hundred percent poor quality of product. But do not forget that you pay many times less, however, a bad product with a defect is delivered quite rarely.

Of course, the product may come with a defect, the wrong color or size, and you just don’t like it while flying from China. This is not a reason to be sad. You can compensate for its cost in full or in part, depending on the situation.

1. AliExpress

An online store is familiar to many with a lot of useful products of different categories. The time and cost of delivery are indicated in the product description, in most cases, you will not have to pay for the shipment. The site often hosts promotions and sales, thanks to which it will be possible to save quite a lot. There is also an option to track a package.

The main fear of a novice online buyer is scammers. Monobrand sites, which are additionally represented by offline stores, seem to be safe. But AliExpress is a bunch of small shops, each of which has a separate seller behind it.

There are cheaters here. Even if you fall for their bait, you can always return the money with the help of the site administration. But in order not to waste time on proceedings, it is worth knowing how to identify a fraudster. As they say, forewarned means armed.

2. DX

The interface of the online store is very similar to AliExpress — it is easy to understand, even if you order from this site for the first time. You can buy gadgets, photo and video equipment, accessories, products for beauty, health, sports. Thanks to tracking parcels have become easier.

3. Gearbest

Another store where you can buy everything from a toothpick to a fur coat. Convenient search and useful filters help you choose a product. Delivery is most often free, but occasionally the cost reaches up to 20$.

4. Banggood


A huge selection of various things with delivery from China. The conditions, price, and carrier company are indicated in the product card.

5. BuyInCoins

The name of the store translates as “buy for a penny”. And it is fully justified by the prices on the site. As in most similar marketplaces, the delivery terms are specified in the product card. You can buy clothes, jewelry, beauty and health products, gadgets and other equipment, car accessories.

6. Focalprice

A popular Chinese website with free shipping around the world. The assortment includes toys and creative goods, accessories for smartphones and tablets, gadgets, electronics for cars, goods for health, sports, beauty, and much more.

7. Playasia

In this online store, you can buy video games, movies, music, toys, gadgets, and even instant Chinese noodles.

American online stores


1. Amazon

Enable the AmazonGlobal Eligible option to see only products delivered to your country. Amazon shows the tax charges for transportation, and you will immediately know the full cost.

2. Ebay

Here you can buy products of American brands under the international delivery program. The product card immediately indicates the cost of transportation, import fees, and approximate delivery time.

3. Threadless

In this online store, you can buy T-shirts with a cool author’s design, accessories, products for creativity, and home decoration. Delivery will cost you about 10$.

4. Etsy


On this well-known resource, you will find a lot of vintage products and cool handmade. There are household items, interior decorations, costume jewelry, and other designer crafts. Shipping around the world is not so expensive.

5. Harrods

Fashion items and accessories from the iconic online store in London are sent around the world. Delivery takes up to 10 working days. You can pay by credit card or using PayPal.

6. BH photo video

Cameras and equipment for shooting, smartphones, computers, wearable gadgets, and other equipment. Prices are shown in dollars.

British online stores


1. Shopbob

Designer clothing, shoes, and accessories for women. If you order more than $ 150, delivery is free, less than this amount — $ 20.

2. Nasty gal

Fashionable clothes, shoes, and accessories for girls. Prices are shown in dollars, the total amount to be paid, including taxes, is displayed in the basket.

3. Asos

Fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, household, and creative goods, and much more with free international delivery when ordering over a certain amount. It is different for each country.

4. Petsupplies


Here you can buy pet products. And not only for cats and dogs, but also for birds, fish, and even reptiles. Just keep in mind that not all goods can be transported across the border. If you have added a lot that is not suitable for international delivery, it will be automatically removed from the basket. The order is transported by the forwarding company Bongo.

5. Allsaints

A British store of fashionable men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, and perfumes. When ordering from 300 euros, delivery is free.

6. Saks Fifth Avenue

Clothing, shoes, accessories, and cosmetics of world-famous designers and brands. Prices are indicated in the currency that is suitable for you, taxes are added to the cost when placing an order.

7. ifixit

It sells various tools and spare parts for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. When placing an order, it is enough to select a country and specify the postal code to see the delivery cost.


Be careful when choosing any product, take care of your money! Because you may pay a lot of money for a cool thing, but it will turn out to be out of size or defective, so evaluate all possible risks when buying something from an online store.

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