Is There An Age Restriction When Playing Online Casino Games

Age restrictions may vary from one country to another, but also they can depend on the type of casino, the money people invest in it, and also the profits they may get. Surely, these games aren’t for children and underage young’s, but in many countries, there is no age limit that is provided by the law. So, it happens that there are sports betting centers and casinos around the schools, which is not something to be proud of. Also, they can easily access a legitimate online casino and play it, especially when it doesn’t require age confirmation. Adults are always frustrated when the system asks them for the account number and personal ID scan, but that’s one of the ways to prevent underage people join the community. On the other hand, there are plenty of free games, that don’t require real money, but they are literally the same as regular gambling activities. For example, everyone who has access to a smartphone or PC can easily play these games, learn the rules, and then when they hit particular age, join websites like and become gamblers.

But, we can say that in many countries minimum legal age for gamblers is 18-years-old, but in some places, it may vary from 16 to 21. A lot of games that let the player win real money are not allowed for underage young people. In the past, there were no strict restrictions, which resulted in plenty of young adults who are already addicted to gambling.

Surely, there are some exceptions. For example, in Great Britain, 16-years-olds can indeed play the lottery, but they can’t gamble because it’s illegal for them two more years. Arcade games are not restricted to them, but they can’t play slots.

Why casinos have age limitations?


Money loss risks are always involved, but also the worst risk of them all – the person to get addicted to the games. Adults are usually aware of these risks, but no matter how smart and reasonable they are, there is always the risk to spend more money than they can afford, or even lose everything they have, including the house, and leave their family without a roof above their heads. We’ve seen a lot of situations like that in the movies, but trust us, it’s worse in the reality.

So, that’s why online casinos should also meet the country’s laws and adapt to them, so they can prevent situations like that. In some cases, the laws and rules are in the grey zone, and even though there is no written law that restricts underage gambling, it’s on the parents to teach the kids not to do that. On the other hand, that means they can’t face the law if their child is caught gambling. But, some countries have very strict regulations, so they don’t even let the kiddos get close to these facilities, or they need to claim a lot of authentication steps, to prove they are adult enough to gamble.

It’s also well-known that teenagers and young adults can easily get addicted to bad things, like drugs, alcohol, or gambling. We don’t say that every teenager will do that, or that every adult is the same, but they will do it to be interesting, accepted, or to add some excitement to their life, which can be pretty much boring because of the school and homework tasks. That’s one of the reasons why age restrictions should be regulated by law in every country, including online gambling addresses.

Young people are really complicated


They don’t really understand the risks due to a few main reasons – they are too young and inexperienced, they still don’t earn their money, and they don’t have anything that belongs to them. Also, they may feel mature enough to understand the risks, but even the reasonable adults who have extreme control over their behavior can sometimes relax and let things go. The difference is that they will still have some money left, and won’t put their whole family at risk (even though we know there are plenty of exceptions).

But, teens and young people are more likely to get themselves on an adventure like this, so they can make the friends like them, or earn some easy money for going out and buying drinks or clothes. Every generation is aware of the struggle, but those who managed to skip that phase are surely thankful they don’t have any debts because of their gambling. For the others – there is probably a way out, except if you are too deep into the mud.

So, we hope that now you understand the need for age restriction, and why it’s important for every country to incorporate it in their laws.

What can parents do?


If you are aware that your country’s laws aren’t strict enough, you can start talking to your kids about the risks. It’s even better to show them how it’s done, or tell them real examples, not too afraid of them, but to make them aware of the risks. Age limitations should exist, and if they aren’t defined by the law in your country, you can set them in your family. That’s the least you can do to prevent this type of activity while the children are still young.

We can’t ignore the fact that in many countries online casinos aren’t managed with laws as they need to be, equally to the land-based houses.

The bottom line

In order to exactly know how these things are regulated in your country, you can read the laws, or ask some of the authorities to explain it to you.

In this article, we can tell how things should be, but we can’t know how it’s regulated in every separate country in the world. Knowing that online casinos are a pretty new concept, some of them may not have proper regulations, which allow underage people to access these services and gamble with their money.

It’s on everyone to be responsible for their actions, including online gambling, no matter their age, but also respectful of the laws and regulations, so everyone can be protected from the unpleasant situation with gambling addictions in the family.

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