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Making your store well-optimized for searching is an integral part of any successful eCommerce project. The way people can find your website and the amount of time it takes to find exactly your shop plays a significant role in increasing your sales. In other words, you must pay attention to this aspect. And if you don’t want to spend enormous sums on specialists or too much time trying to figure out all the SEO nuances on your own, you will be glad to know about the add-on for Magento 2 that will solve all your issues and increase the productivity of the enterprise you have.

Using this add-on, you can get control over any SEO-related feature, which allows you to have the highest search rankings, get better search results, and achieve the best efficiency in terms of SEO to stay at the top. One of the greatest advantages is that you can tweak this module easily without any help. Just set up the module by choosing the necessary options. It’s possible, thanks to the intuitive user interface and simple navigation. What exactly is this package equipped with?



A well-packed extension for a democratic price is what people are waiting for because its modules offer a decent range of features that really work. Anyway, there is no point in describing the advantages without providing you with details that you really need. So, we suggest you look through all the features and make up your own mind.

Value for Online Stores

First of all, let’s define the benefits you will get from purchasing this extension. Here are some facts that can make you choose this product:

  • Top places. You know that it’s crucial to be in the first place of Google or any other search engine on the web. Thanks to unique meta tags, URLs that are equally well-optimized for users and search engines, and great snippets you are able to increase the site’s search rankings at ease.
  • Affordability. As it was said, it’s much cheaper to use a special module instead of the help of specialists. Just look through the settings of this module to find out what you are interested in and reach your goals. Also, you can use the SEO toolbar to see the status of your current optimization level.
  • Save a lot of time. Everything you have to do is to toggle the right options and enjoy the results. Moments that require more impact offer special patterns for better convenience. Therefore, even meta tags will not cause any issues or complications. A few minutes are enough to set everything up!

Custom templates

With the extension we present today, you are able to customize patterns for meta-informations from H1 tags to descriptions. If a page does not have meta-data, the suite fills it in automatically. What concerns the tags you added earlier, changes will not be applied to them. Templates can be used for adding tags to search results/CMS/ product/category pages.

It’s also possible to equip your patterns with variables, which lets you exclude excess information. There is also a cool function to set templates’ priority. Plus, all unnecessary gaps and tags can be deleted from descriptions automatically. This saves plenty of time! It’s incredible how simple it is to use the Magento SEO suite because everything you need to do is to fill in the blanks with necessary details and set the rules, and you’re ready to go.

Another worth-mentioning aspect is the opportunity to personalize certain pages. Use the rewrite manager to change particular pages’ metadata. These changes are more prioritized, compared to templates.

CTR Enhancement

Being at the top of the search results is good but not enough. Results should also include sufficient data to catch users’ attention. Snippets are important in this question. So, the module offers you rich snippets with an enormous number of elements, such as images of the product, for example. Snippet categories are supported in many different elements.

Breadcrumbs can be added to search results to simplify the use. This will make the structure of the site much more understandable for any searching engine.

Remember to include your contact details in the search results. Otherwise, customers may not find it when they need it. In case if we are talking about mobile browsing, this is even more crucial. It’s pretty tiring to look through the site just to find contact numbers and emails.

Plus, details regarding your enterprise make your shop look more reputable and reliable to potential shoppers. Using this extension, adding information like this is as simple as double-click on the icon, and it improves your search CTR.

And the last but not the least feature is related to CTR on social media. If you want to make your pages look attractive when they are shared on any social web, for instance, just set Opengraph tags.

Advanced URL Customization


Adjust your URLs so they will look nice and neat for both users and search systems. Here is what possibilities the extension offers to you:

  • Removing the parent category path;
  • Making links more informative by rewriting the product URLs;
  • Standardizing links by toggling the trailing slash, which means you can redirect URLs with/without this slash at the end to a URL with/without this slash;
  • Making URLs more readable for users and more optimized in terms of SEO;
  • Improving the readability of product image URLs.

What else? It’s recommended to not forget about using canonical tags, in case you have pages with more than one version. Otherwise, these versions may be treated as duplicates, which leads to penalties. This will help you work with configurable/bundled/grouped products, and so on. If necessary, exceptions can be made as well.

Make your site fully understandable for search systems using improved relationship tags:

  • Alternate. This one is used to direct to the different page versions.
  • Hreflang. This tag means that the site has multiple-language versions. This assists users in finding the appropriate language version of the website quickly and effortlessly.
  • Next and Prev. If you have a series of pages, you can use these tags to make search systems understand that particular pages are part of the sequence and send users to where it begins. In terms of pagination, this is a pretty useful feature. Search results will only show a sequence of URLs, without displaying each of them individually.

One more feature that will facilitate handling SEO tasks is managing redirects. This is a crucial aspect of SEO because whenever the URL structure is changed, the search engine has to redirect users to a new page. Such a trick allows you to save previously achieved search ranking.

Handy SEO Toolbar

The SEO Toolbar is an extremely convenient tool to optimize pages in real-time. This interface contains all the key variables, which means you don’t have to look for them on your own using the search function.

In addition to this, the toolbar will tell you if you have an issue and how it can be fixed. This gives you more free time.

Instant Crosslinking

This suite also makes it easy for you to manage cross-link easily. You only have to choose the elements you want to link — and let the module do its work for you. Cross-linking can be useful in different situations. For instance, if you want to make a page weigh more or help search systems have no trouble with the configuration of your website.

Enhanced Sitemaps



This suite also allows you to create user-facing sitemaps, where you can specify the following parameters:

  • The sitemap URL
  • Its metadata
  • Its H1 tag
  • Which links to add or exclude
  • etc.


The Sitemap can be optimized automatically. Furthermore, product images can be equipped with titles and caption tags.


The add-on comes in two variants, depending on the Magento Edition you have: Community for $149 and Enterprise for $248. In addition to this, you obtain 90-days free support, 30-days money-back guarantee, and free updates. You can also choose free installation if you want.

Note that the extension is compatible with Magento Community/Enterprise Edition from 2.0* to 2.4*.


No doubt, this is one of the best SEO suites for Magento 2 on the market. The reason is that it offers a great number of useful features that are extremely easy to use and bring a lot of benefits. Besides, this doesn’t cost much, which makes the extension affordable for anyone. Especially if you compare it to the pricing SEO specialists have. So if you want to help your business grow, you should definitely try this module.

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