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7 Best Walking Shoes For Men and Women 2024 Reviewed

Just like running, walking is a work out for body fitness and health benefits as well. It is one of the best workouts with simple but beneficial impacts to the heart, fore, and hind limbs as well as the entire body. As a work out and leisure, the right shoes need to be in place to gain the expected outcome for leisure or workout as well. When selecting a walking shoe, you should visit Shoe Hero, it is good to consider all qualities of the shoe before making a choice of what is best for you Flexible, good shoes should give you room to enable free movement of the leg from heel to toe.

If your shoe is so tight the leg will fight it in every single stride you make, thus making your walk a fight rather leisure or workouts. Flat heel, they give you security as you walk, comfort, freedom of leg movement and they are environmentally friendly such that they can be used from any terrain.

Not flared heels, with flared heels, expansion and stretching as you move around will reduce the effectiveness and the result of your walk.  In making you get the exact result of your walk, we have prepared you a list of the best shoes in the market that meets the fore mentioned qualities. They are;

1. Asics Gel Contend 4

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Though this model from the Asics Company has been discontinued by the Asics gel contend 5, by far it is the best for you day off and easy time on the road. It is the most comfortable shoe for both outdoor runnings as well as in a gym. They come in a variety of colors, width, and size to befit your exact taste. The removable insole gives you the freedom to increase the room. The net on the side increases the air supply thereby making it breathable. It is the best fit for both beginners, intermediate and experienced walkers.

2. Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4

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Asics never stops to design the best and most comfortable shoes for you walk session. In the market is their latest design of Asics gel tech walker neo 4 with 100% textile, rubber sole, lightweight, removable insole, and breathable mesh to facilitate air supply. Asics Neo 4 is designed for long hours to walk; this is facilitated by the flat arches. It is durability and cushioning gel makes it fit for miles of the frequent walk. On the other hand, they are relatively narrow and therefore not fit for wide-legged people.

3. Reebok Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max

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Are you a long-distance walker or associated with long hours of standing in your daily duties. are you looking for stylish shoes that fit your legs, struggle not because Reebok has designed Ultra 6 DMX Max for you? It comes in a variety of colors, and sizes that fit both the narrow and wide-legged people. They are made of a supportive platform of durable materials to enhance comfort and long last. The size customization to fit your leg -narrow or wide- helped many with leg condition to alleviate foot pain since they fitted the leg.

4. Under Armour Micro G Assert 6

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Under Armour is one of the reputable brands across the world. This is as a result of their vast selection of all duties shoes ranging from light duties to heavy duties. in favor of the workouts and walking society interested in a comfortable walking session, they have designed the Micro G Assert 6. Lightweight mesh material increases breathability and comfort, light supportive foam cushions the interior of the shoe.

The outer appearance has been enhanced with a leather overlay to make it appearing to the eye and attracting as well. The outsole has been designed in a way that reduces unnecessary weight thus making them good for daily long-hour walks.

5. Ignite evoknite

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When we see something to do with sports, among the first and legendary brands that hit our mind is Puma. When it comes to up to date design they never come late or second, they are always at the top of the list. In keeping their agreement to their clients they have designed the stylish ignite evoknite that comes with a sock-like upper part to keep your leg in position as you walk. They are durable and have a flexible outer sole which is enhanced to maneuver any terrain with high traction materials. Though good and fancy for walking they are relatively expensive and favoring narrow legged people.

6. Ignite V2

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What of that one shoe with the most attractive design that fits you, I mean exactly you who are looking for a stylish walking shoe. Ignite V2 has a layer of three sole; the outer sole that is designed with friction improvement material, midsole that is made of semi spongy like material to facilitate shock absorption as you walk or workout. It is designed for long-distance walk and long hours and therefore does not have materials that apply unnecessary weight. They are relatively affordable and available for purchase. The only downfall of this product is the low airflow and bias for wide legs. For you with a narrow leg and like stylish things like me, this the best shoe for you.

7. Altra Torin 3.5

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Are you fond of bright shouting colors? Are you looking for one thick-soled, bright-colored light walking shoe? Altra Torin 3.5 comes with irresistible features to enhance your comfort as you walk. Zero drops that increase your stability, three-layer sole for durability, enhanced flexibility by the inner flex midsole and lack of solid outer sole which protects you as you walk with the help of extra space in the toe box. The shoe is designed with a strap at the center to help keep the foot intact as you walk.

A walk can be done from anywhere and it is highly recommended as an exercise when you free or not in a hurry to your work station or home. Just like running, walking needs you to be dressed in the best shoes that protect you from injuries and that can respond to any weather or terrain. This list has been prepared with the idea of giving you the best shoes that consider the security of your feet and gives the comfort and laxity you looking for. I hope you find it resourceful.

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