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4 Unique and Highly Effective Ways to Market Your Business in 2024

Marketing is an important component of any type of business. It creates and maintains demand and relevance for your products or services. However, studies show that one of the main marketing challenges for business owners is the lack of funding resources. Don’t let the lack of working capital hinder you from marketing your business! Quick business loans can help provide you with the money you need for your business. Whether you need working capital to pay for expenses or to market your business, applying for a quick business loan is the way to go. Check out SMBCompass for more information on same-day funding!

If you’re looking for new ideas to market your business, here are four doable ideas you can try:

1. Social Media Madness

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While going on social media isn’t a “new” and unique idea, you’ll be surprised by how many small business owners that overlook the power of social media. Many marketers are guilty of this: you create a social media page, and then once it’s up, you either forget about it or only post once every two months.

With nearly two-thirds of American adults on social media, it’s time to get serious. Various social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, and LinkedIn. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, focus your efforts on one to two social media accounts. Regularly post pictures, videos, share content, etc. but make sure not to spam your audience, otherwise, they’re going to unfollow you.

2. Repurpose Popular Content

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Repurposing content is an effective way to stretch out your ROI. The best way to repurpose content is to take your most popular blog posts, update the article with new information, and then publish it again. You can also repurpose your content in different formats. For example, you can turn one of your most popular blogs into an infographic, create a podcast, a newsletter, or even an eBook. The possibilities for content repurposing are endless!

3. Give Free Samples

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This tip isn’t exclusive to the food and beverage industry. Whether your company sells products or services, you should consider giving out free samples. While it doesn’t make sense for a carpet store to give away free carpets, you can provide free fabric samples. You can even design them as tiny carpets! If you mainly provide services, you can offer a free trial as well.

4. Become a Local Community Expert

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Becoming an expert in your local community is a great way to connect with your audience, gain foot traffic, and interact with a targeted audience. You can reach out to local organizations or junior colleges and offer to be a guest speaker at a local event. Being known as a community expert can improve brand awareness and credibility among your target audience.

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