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How To Attract And Work With New Instagram Audiences

In this article, we will talk about some opportunities for brands and marketers to advertise on Instagram. The number of people that are using this social media every day is still growing and the relationship between these individuals and Instagram is becoming stronger. They are also interested in interacting with brands. But keep in mind that if you want to advertise, you need to focus on a specific group.

Facebook shared a study on how people of all ages interact with the content of Instagram.

People from all over the world of all ages use this social media networking site daily. In 2018 it reached a milestone of more than one billion users per month. That is why it’s so important to use trusted Instagram services.

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Researchers decided to understand more about the individuals who are behind these accounts and to understand how they use Instagram. And so what content can attract the attention of these individuals and what they want to see from brands.

It turned out that the relationship of users with the platform is becoming stronger, and brands play an important role in this community. 2 out of 3 people surveyed admitted that social media makes it possible to interact with brands. This means that marketers can reach users from different segments of all ages.


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This is a qualitative study, an in-depth hourly interview with 70 people using Instagram several times a day from 9 different countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, USA).

Qualitative data helped interpret a quantitative study conducted by Facebook among 21 thousand users aged 13-64 years using the photo-sharing app at least once a week, from 13 countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Turkey, UK, USA). Despite the impact of cultural differences on user behavior, key findings are relevant for all countries.

Why do people need Instagram

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User loyalty is growing. More than half of the respondents over the past year began to use the social network more often, and 44% assume that they will do this even more next year. This growth ensures the success of Stories, private messages.

Users from all over the world cite similar reasons for using the social network:

  • Allows you to chat with family and friends;
  • Interact with celebrities;
  • Interact with bloggers;
  • Keeps abreast of trends;
  • Helps interact with brands.

Instagram for different ages

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People of different ages open a social network several times a day. Young people are especially active in this case: the leader is 18-24 years old (67% of representatives of this age open the app several times a day).

However, among the audience of 55+ years, 31% goes to Instagram several times during the day.

Frequency of use depending on age, as well as the interests of the audience.

People who don’t watch TV watch Instagram

Marketers often use online advertising to support TV campaigns. However, some users do not watch TV at all or are distracted by the phone during commercial breaks.

You can reach these people using social media. The study showed that almost half of social network users do not watch TV for a week, but 64% of these people admitted that they are ready to interact with brands through social media.

Researchers asked what kind of content users would like to see from brands that are usually advertised on TV.

It turned out that users prefer short videos: 36% – less than 15 seconds, 32% – 15-30 seconds, 24% – 30-60 seconds.

A third of users is important that advertising is relevant to them. A third of users want ads to fit in the feed, and another 29% would like to see ads that look organically on Stories.

What does this mean for marketers

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Test Your Assumptions

Instagram is not just about youth. If you continue to think so, then you miss a significant segment of the audience.

To more accurately assess which of the actions affect the result more, it is necessary to use the advanced analytics of accounts on Instagram, which will show data on the interaction of subscribers with the content.

Create mobile-friendly content

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On Instagram, you can create a brand community and engage users in communication. Create interesting interactive content, short commercials suitable for the platform.

To research ideas and trends, study Facebook research and how your audience responds to different types of content.

Experiment with audience expansion

Brands can experiment with different ways of communicating and engaging with an Instagram audience to increase reach. For example, despite the popularity of the Story´s format, not all brands use it, although the audience pays a lot of attention to the story. Also there are other ways to increase your reach with the help of companies like IGInstant.

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In this article we talked about how the loyalty of users is growing, people are beginning to use social media more and more. This offers possibilities for brands and marketers to interact with potential customers. You should take note that the biggest user group is between the age of 18 and 24 years old. But besides this big group, people of 55+ years old also tend to use Instagram several times a day. So if you want to advertise be sure to focus on these age groups. Besides that, it turns out that the biggest group of them prefer videos that are 15 seconds or shorter, so keep them short or else you will miss some opportunities.

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