6 Tips on How to Winterize your Patio Furniture

When the weather gets colder, you are less like to stay outside and use the furniture you have got yourself for enjoying your time in your yard. In that period, when you are using them less, they can be prone to damages that can happen because of the weather. What will damage them depends on the material that the item is made because it is not the same when we talk about fabric and the construction whether that is metal or a wooden one.

Maintaining the things you have got for your yard, so you can enjoy your time spent there is something you should practice because otherwise they will be ruined, and you will not be able to use them again in the upcoming seasons. There are many ways that you can do this, and they are all dependent on the materials that you have bought in the first place.

In this article, we are going to talk about some things that you should do to make sure that your patio furniture is winterized and ready for the next time you will be using them.

1. Make sure you leave them spotless


Before you even plan on getting them ready for the winter, you should make sure that they are clean and that you have removed all the stains that have been collected on the period using them, if you are not doing that right away. This should be done on all the materials that are included in the furniture so they don’t absorb the stains and become that bad that you don’t even want to get them out the next year.

When it comes to fabric, you should use only cleaning solutions that will not damage that, and make sure that you wash it away after that so there is not something left that is absorbed inside. Depending on what kind of fabric, get informed whether you should be using some tools for better efficiency, or you should avoid using them to stop the damaging.

The hard materials have to be cleaned as well. Depending on the activity you have been doing, or what you have spilled on it, make sure that you clean it quickly because there are some things that can cause abrasion on the surface and they will be not ready for usage the next time when you want.

2. Add a couple of layers of protector to preserve them

The weather can change quickly in the period when you are not using them, and as much as you run away from being cold, that much they can be damaged from it. It is not just about the temperature, but the other things that happen, like getting wet. If it is raining, the fabric can be soaked, and it will smell bad for a long time, so you will have problems getting rid of that. Also, if some of the hard materials get exposed to the same conditions, if they are not prepared for that, they can get rusty and damaged permanently.

Alternatively, you could purchase furniture that has a much better waterproof rating as suggested by icosiest.

To avoid this from happening, there are some solutions that help the materials to withstand those conditions. Those solutions are types of chemicals, or other types of liquids or oils, that you should spread on the surface of the materials. When it comes to the hard elements of the furniture, you should smear them with these chemicals to stop getting them rusty. The fabric can be sprayed with similar products that will make it stop absorbing any water, which will make it more durable during those periods.

3. Put something above them


Another way that you should practice protecting the things on your patio, especially from water and getting frozen is by covering them up with something that prevents this. There are materials that are plastic, which you put above the parts of the furniture, and you tie them down at the bottom to stop the wind from stripping them off. That way, you will not have to worry if they become wet or damaged completely. Depending on how big your cover is, you should do this separately on everything, or you should put them in one place, and put it above all of them, and have a winter where you don’t have to worry about that.

4. Get them inside

This is a method to protect them in case you have space for them. If you are living in a place that you don’t have an extra place for holding them inside, whether a garage or a basement, you should use the methods from above, however, if you happen to have enough space to place them inside, you should definitely do that because that will guarantee that they will be ready for the next season. One thing to consider, if you are not having enough spare places to get the items from the patio inside, is to bring only the fabric pieces inside, because they are less durable, and they can be damaged easier during those times.

5. Think about the accessories as well


It is not only about the furniture when it comes to winterizing things from the conditions that are present then. You should also take care of the accessories that you have on your patio so you can use them again. If you don’t care about them for the next time, you should throw them away, so they don’t take up space and bother you standing there in vain, especially in times where you will definitely not use them. For example, one of those things is the grill. If you leave it outside in those times, you should know that it can corrode and you will not be satisfied using it again, or even taking pictures with it again, because you might feel ashamed.

6. Things that you can do to continue using the patio

If you don’t want to give up your time when you relax in your yard, while it is still not that cold, you can do some things to adapt to the conditions. For example, you can make construction to stop water from landing on your patio.

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