5 Tips for Winning Your Dog Bite Injury Case

According to research millions of people are experiencing dog bite injuries every year. Even though some people are thinking that only aggressive dog breeds can bite, this is not true. Even ordinary and gentle dogs can bite you when you least expect that. If an owner’s dog bites you, you should be prepared that the owner is probably going to negligence the responsibility and the blame.

However, no matter what the person tells you, should start an argument because you are going to have the right to start with a personal injury claim to ask for your compensation. You can not go through the legal process of this kind on your own. In fact, if you want to ensure that you will win the dog bite case, you must hire an experienced lawyer that will be by your side. In this article, you are going to find a guide that will help you improve your chances of obtaining fair compensation.

How to prevent dog attacks?


Before we start with the legal procedure, let’s talk about how you can prevent dog attacks in the first place. No matter whether something like this already happened to you or not, you should be prepared for the dog attack scenario and know what to do. Dog owners primarily need to take preventive measures by training their dogs. If you are a dog owner, you should take care of your dog properly and not let him be aggressive. It is good to know that dogs are looking at our behavior and energy, and they are acting in that direction.

This means that if you raise your dog by giving him lots of love and attention, there is no chance he will become aggressive. In the case you see that something triggers your dog, you should remove that type of stimulation whether it is a noise from the environment, music, extra guests, etc. Your dog needs to have his personal space and to feel comfortable. It is wise to remember that you should avoid giving your dog treats while you two are out because dogs become extra protective when it comes to their food.

On the other hand, if you are not a dog owner, and you do not know how to react near dogs, we prepared tips for you as well. You should not let your fear overwhelm you, because when you are scared, your adrenaline is secreting and dogs are getting a signal that you are prepared for the fight. At that moment, they are feeling threatened, so they become very protective and they are ready to attack you. You should learn how to approach a dog safely because this skill will save you. Additionally, you should learn more about their body language. If you take a gentle approach to the dog and speak with him gently, he will not feel threatened.

What you should know about winning the case?


In the case you still experience the dog bite, you should know that these cases are requiring specialized knowledge. Logically, you should take many steps to win a case such as going to the hospital, collecting evidence, hiring a lawyer, etc. These types of cases have a unique set of legal concepts as well as establishing the facts.

Everything can happen in a dog bite case. For instance, the dog owner can say in the defense that you provoked the dog in some way. Because of this, you will need to have a well-knowledgable and highly experienced lawyer that will put the liability on the dog owner. In the case you experience a trauma of this kind, you can read more about the lawyer’s information that can claim a dog owner is liable for damages resulting from a dog bite or attack. Now, let’s see what things need to be completed, so you can win the case.

1. Collect Evidence

The first thing that you need to do the moment when a dog bites you is to ensure that you can collect as much evidence as possible. You should look carefully at how the dog and the owner are reacting and how the scenario happened. Despite that, it would be beneficial for your case to take photos and video shoots of the complete scene. It would be great if you could take the dog’s aggressive behavior on the video. One more thing that you should look for is whether there is an eyewitness and make sure to get his or her contact information. The testimony of the eyewitnesses is in many cases crucial for obtaining fair compensation and winning.

2. Identify the Dog’s Owner

You can not file a claim against a dog, therefore, you should try to identify the owner. In the case you see that the owner is not there and his dog is free and not on the leash while behaving aggressively, you can call animal control. They will come and through a microchip identify the dog. If the owner is there, you should call the police.


3. Obtain Insurance Information

Your next step is to obtain insurance information from the owner because the insurance is going to cover dog bite compensation cases. In the case the dog owner is your friend, neighbor, or someone you know, you should not worry that this claim can lead them into bankruptcy.

4. Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

No matter how serious you are suffering from the dog bite, you must seek medical treatment right after you experience the attack. This refers to the minor attacks as well. This is because symptoms of serious problems may not be noticeable right after the bite. If you avoid getting the treatment, you will jeopardize your health and risk that it can lead to some bad consequences. Additionally, the faster you document your injuries, the sooner you can start with the personal injury case. Also, it will be easier for you to obtain your compensation. We advise you to keep a record of your medical expenses because they can be covered later with your compensation.

5. Hire a Dog Bite Attorney

The most important step in every dog bite case is hiring a lawyer, as we said. You are completely entitled to compensation, and with the proper person who will take your case, you will get a higher amount of money and surely win the case. Your lawyer will negotiate with the defendant’s lawyer and with the insurance company. Also, he is going to evaluate professionally all the damages and prove the dog owner’s negligence. The best thing of all, you will have support throughout the whole case.

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