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Window Replacement Vs. New Construction Windows

When considering the budget, new construction windows are way more affordable than window replacement. For a homeowner on a strict budget, it becomes challenging to understand why a service provider advises them to go reconsider changing and updating casement for the house when already upgrading. There are a lot of different ones on the market and it can be difficult to choose the one just for you, in sense of looks, materials and cost. It is wise to do the research and get the best deal possible. This will save you unnecessary costs and help you stay within the budget that you have planned to spend on redecorating the apartment.

The essence of selecting a replacement window is because they are made for that purpose. But, for the ones that are newly made and constructed, it is impossible to act as refills. They are simply not compatible with such spaces, which is why they never make a perfect match. Here are some aspects you must know concerning different types of openings according to Thwindowsdoors.

1. Challenges of Using New Construction Windows

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This type of openings normally have a specific size that is taken by the constructors as standard, and it is so-called three thousand fifty and three thousand sixty. This window size can perfectly fit into houses that were made past ninety seventy. There are few things you will need to see into when doing so, even though there is a standard that can be followed, so be sure to check the dimensions of the openings and as well check with the workers if the ones that are standard will fit, since you do not want to get the windows and see that they do not fit or be forced to do additional adjustments. But, there are challenges with using these windows. Some of these challenges are:

2. Nail Fins

This is a thin metal part that is going to be placed on the bottom side and extend from the opening, making sure that it is surrounding it from all edges.

These pieces of metal are often fitted during the building process and heal with the wall itself, especially when it is made of bricks.  These are permanently fixed, so they are not to be seen after the alterations are done.

Newly constructed casements come with this mentioned part in order to improve its efficiency and functionality. It requires a few technicalities, and what it is important to remember is that his part cannot be removed once placed since it is embedded in between the wall and window. The metal piece needs to be tucked in the studs, which are normally found in the inside of the whole construction, and are considered an integral part of the casement.

So, using newly constructed casements to fill in the openings in the walls means destroying your wall to reach the studs. The process is tedious and destructive. You will also incur a lot of additional funds to invest because once you have destroyed your wall to get the new casement, you have to repair the damage that was made as well as do the paintwork.

Because of the excess hassle involved while using windows that are newly made for you, the replacement of these becomes more preferred. With these ones, you do not have to touch the wall. Plug-in one of the preferences and enjoy the convenience.

3. Windows Replacement, what are good, and what are the bad sides of it?

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  • They do not have nail fins. It means you do not have to ruin the walls while trying to fix them in the space provided. They are usually custom made, which means you do not need extra trimmings to make them fit. This is very convenient since they are sort of plug and play kind of thing, making them very easy to install and almost mess-free.
  • They are not time-consuming. Since you do not have to drill on the walls, sliding these through the existing space is quite simple. It requires less labor and time to slide it, which does not leave you exposed to elements for long. This is very important if you are changing all of them at the same time. Using these is quite fast to get them in place and make them integrated into the openings, as well as not being without any coverage on the walls and exposed to wind, rain, and other elements.
  • They have better quality. Window replacement makes use of modern technology to manufacture them. So, their qualities overcome the weaknesses of the new construction ones. This is very important since as long as you are paying, you want to get the best possible result from it. Getting better quality for the price that is fair is always a preferable choice.
  • These are considered energy efficient. It is one of the good qualities these ones possess. Because power consumption is a major concern to the homeowners, they help in relieving the burden. Once that you are already paying and replacing the old ones it is good to have them being energy efficient; this will reflect on your bills since you will use less energy to heat up and cool down the place.
  • They save costs. While using replacement ones, you do not cause damage to your property unless it is accidental. So, you do not incur costs associated with labor to work on your wall and buying materials for the repair of damaged places. In addition to this, you may reconsider paying a bit more for the product itself, since you have already saved yourself from additional fees for repayments after installation.
  • They are readily available. It means if you have regular window space, you can buy a window from your manufacturer that is ready-made, and it fits perfectly. Actually, unless you have a special design or measurements, these windows are often available ready for installation in very short notice. This is a very good thing if you are on a tight schedule and want to wrap this up as fat as possible.


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  • They are not ideal for new homes. Lack of fins makes them a poor choice. The fins hold the window firm and in place, giving it a longer life compared to other types. Casements that are replaceable are meant for inserting into existing spaces that are in most cases reinforced, and using them in new constructions is a poor decision. There can be a compromise and you may use some specific reinforcement, but be sure to check this option with the ones doing the repairs or some licensed professional.
  • Poor installation causes damage to the structures around it. Most replacement ones are energy efficient. You can DIY them or hire a professional to fix them for you. If they are poorly installed, their energy-efficiency gets affected. The poor installation also shortens their lifespans and their warranties.

Based on the pros and cons highlighted here, you can see that window replacement has more pros than cons and therefore it is prudent to choose them. Apart from having improved features in terms of energy efficiency, the windows make your home look more beautiful.

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