Why Do You Need Powered Speakers?

When we want to listen to music or watch movies, getting quality speakers helps us enjoy ourselves and be more entertained. There are plenty of brands with different models in the market, making it very difficult to choose.

So before buying speakers, they rely on websites for the most detailed review. For instance, many people who want to purchase powered speakers visit My Sonic Sound as they have a comprehensive guide regarding various products.

When choosing speakers, you will come across two types: powered and passive. But why select powered speakers?

This article will cover powered speakers and why you should purchase a pair.

What are Powered Speakers?


Powered speakers are most commonly known as active speakers. They have built-in amplification, so they won’t need a separate receiver to produce sounds. You need to turn your speakers on, connect them directly to your music players, such as MP3s and turntables, and enjoy the music.

On the other hand, passive speakers need to be connected to a separate amplifier or receiver. This will make the speaker drivers vibrate and produce sound.

Nowadays, most powered speakers have Bluetooth functionality. You’ll be able to connect your device with the same feature wirelessly. You can easily play music without worrying about connecting cables and wires. All you need to do is to ensure that your room is soundproof for a better experience.

Why Should You Purchase Powered Speakers?

Whether you’ll use it to listen to your favorite tracks or power up the volume of the movie you want to watch, powered speakers are the right ones for you. They offer more than just a speaker.

Here are the top reasons:

It has the Right Amount of Power


Setting up your sound system to enjoy music and watch videos can be tedious. You need to be knowledgeable about wiring, cables, power wattage, voltages, and many more.

Not all have the time to study them, especially if they’re not going to make it a career, to enjoy good old music.

Dialing the right power rating is tricky. You have to know its power and whether it can deliver the sound you want.

Luckily, powered speakers can deliver great-quality sound right out of the box. After you’ve unboxed it, you don’t need to worry about anything anymore, as you only need to connect your device and listen to the music.

Benefits of Stereo Separation

Another benefit of using powered speakers is that you don’t need to place them carefully in your room. We all want good balance in our music. The volume on our right side should be the same as the left.

Surround sound systems have different sides. They are usually composed of numerous spears, including the center and subwoofer. This is essential for that type of speaker to balance the sound as you place them in various places in your room.

However, you don’t need to worry about it with powered speakers as it produces excellent balance. It can mimic the sound of speakers in live concerts. This is called stereo separation.

Easy to Install


As mentioned above, you don’t need to use separate devices to power up the speaker. After you buy this type of speaker, all you have to do is connect your player.

Plug it into your electrical outlet, and enjoy the music.

Most speakers are compatible with various players. The usual connectivities are Bluetooth and a 3.5mm jack. If your speakers have Bluetooth features, you can enjoy music wirelessly. On the other hand, if you connect your player through cables, you’d still be able to enjoy it.

Remember that some speakers have both features, while some only offer a 3.5mm jack. Generally, the one with Bluetooth will be more expensive, but many affordable brands provide both features.

Works Efficiently With Powered Subwoofers

If you love partying or want to add quality to the bass, adding a powered subwoofer can do the trick. It gives another flavor to the music you’re listening to as the bass becomes more distinct.

Let’s say you are having a small party. Playing party music can help people get into the vibe. You can play electronic music from Kenya as it is gaining popularity for parties. To fully enjoy it, you’ll need a powered subwoofer.

Connecting a powered subwoofer to a powered speaker is straightforward. You won’t need any receivers. Instead, you can plug it directly into the speakers and enjoy the music.

On the other hand, you may need a receiver and cables when you opt for passive speakers.

Sum Up

Listening to music is one of the most common hobbies for many people. You can do it while doing other things. You’ll need speakers if you want to listen to the best sounds.

When choosing speakers, we highly recommend using powered ones as they have the right amount of power. It’s also easy to install, as you don’t need to buy additional cables and receivers.

So, when you are in the market for speakers, get powered speakers. They won’t fail you.

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