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Why You Need a Digital Card for Professional Relationship Management

Exchanging business cards is an indispensable program in business activities, but now business people still need to manually enter other phone numbers and email addresses into their contacts. With digital business cards, this new technology allows people to import complete information and perform other tasks with a few clicks.

What is a digital card?

Digital business cards can help you establish contact with more potential customers, partners and colleagues. You can break the distance of time and space by simply performing simple operations on your mobile terminal, instead of printing out your business cards and exchanging them as usual.

Modern digital cards are designed to make the designing process easier. They have a model use of color, typeface, space, logo, image, etc. Users are able to efficiently create digital cards then easily share them out.
A study has pointed out that in the US: nearly 77 percent of small and medium businesses believe that digital presence helps them in customer acquisition. This shows that the future is digital and it includes digital business cards as well. In this article, we will explain to you why you need a digital card from 8 different perspectives.

Easy to create and share

You can easily create your own digital card. Not only can you create them, but you can also share your card with one click. With the help of a digital card, send your details at the press of a button. In this way, you will minimize the amount of paper used and do your part to improve the environment.


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Easily customize these digital cards according to your corporate brand. Change the text, background color to create truly unique professional business cards. And, you won’t have to reprint when you rebrand!

Update regularly

Service providers will update their featured products and services from time to time. Users only need to update the mobile terminal in time to experience the latest technology. Ensuring you keep your device up to date with the latest functionality will increase the security features and protections. As new bugs or vulnerabilities are detected by the developer, the proper fixes and safeguards will be included and released to your device via new updates.

 No need to hire a design professional

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Unlike traditional paper business cards that require professional designers to design business cards for you, not all small companies can afford to hire expensive professional graphic designers. The digital card helps you avoid the problem of hiring a professional designer. Some digital card Apps even provide design templates, so that every user can easily get a beautiful business card.

Save space

You must have had this experience: A lot of business cards were stuffed into your business card box or in a drawer or spread in a pile on a desk somewhere. It takes a lot of effort to find a contact especially if you’re not searching for a specific one but a category of people. These business cards take up a lot of space in the office and are just exhausting to look at.

Stand out

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At present, most business people still maintain the habit of using paper business cards, so using a digital card allows you to easily impress customers and stand out from the crowd. Because others are still using traditional paper cards, your business will look innovative among competitors.

Ideal For Contact Management

Another advantage of digital business cards is that you have a great experience in managing your contacts. Some apps have an optical character reader that can scan a business card. The scanner, including a special business card scanner, converts the contact details into digital text for seamless input. The app either saves the information or syncs the details with your chosen CRM program.

Professional Relationship Management Apps

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A business card is a way to promote yourself and your company and is a must-have for attending meetings or meetings with strangers. A well-designed business card can increase customer interest in the business and promote cooperation. You can choose to hire professional designers to design business cards, but the charges are generally higher, and the production and communication process is time-consuming.

The business card scanner application is a software that allows you to scan business cards and store contact information on your mobile device. It can help you save time and improve data quality. These types of applications can also accurately identify and extract data from business cards or badges. Digital business cards are easy to share and are ideal for merging all accounts and contact details in a single view.

This article will introduce the 3 best digital business card tools, which allow you to make and share an excellent business card in a few minutes.


Switchit is a tool that comes with pre-made business card design templates, easy to operate, and easy to use. The recipient does not even need the app to view your electronic business card. You will get a link or template that is easy to share, and you can put your business card into various channels. Another highlight is that most of Switchit’s core features are part of the “forever free” plan, which helps you create virtual business cards with a limited budget.


Covve and it’s business card scanning application, Covve Scan, empowers users to import contact information by automatically recognizing more than 30 languages, allowing you to use AI technology to digitize contact information. Not only that, it can help you add notes, tags, and locations. This is a business card application based on AI technology. Its highlight is the ability to intelligently remind users to contact at an appropriate time.


This is a digital business card application that provides a free version and is suitable for Apple and Android devices. Allows you to manage digital business cards in the background of the application and create templates that can be deployed to team smartphones. The standard version for teams is $5.49 per month, billed annually.

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