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Why You Should Buy Clothes Online?

Did you know that buying clothes online has many advantages? Of course, there are the standard advantages of online shopping such as avoiding the lines at the checkout, the 24/7 availability, and the fact that you do not have to leave the house. But buying clothes online comes with specific advantages. Many people find it scary to shop for clothes online, but as will be seen below, this fear is unfounded.

The reflection period

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If you have found a beautiful item of clothing online, consult the size table and order it. You do this without being able to fit, feel or see it. This seems risky, but with online stores, you often have a number of days to change your mind. During this period you can match the garment with the rest of your wardrobe, show it to your friends and family and sometimes you can have up to two weeks before you have to return it. In the store, you often make hasty decisions, but if you buy clothes online, that is not necessary.

The discounts

Online you often get big discounts and these are much less seasonal than those in the shopping street. Sometimes you can purchase garments with a discount of up to 80 percent and this all year long. This gives you the opportunity to really find the best offer without having to walk in and out of all the shops in the city. You can often save quite a bit when you buy clothes online. On the website of Jurllyshe, you can buy clothes that are up to cheaper than the original price by clicking here. If you buy 1 you can get 5% off, buy 2 get 8% off, buy 3 get 12% off and the time is from March 11 till March 17.

The range

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Finally, the range of clothing that you find online is much larger than in the shopping street. These clothes are often kept in cheap department stores. As a result, the shop owners do not have high rental costs and they do not need to display their clothes nicely. That is why they can offer much more clothing and present it in a very beautiful way.
The range online is, therefore, larger and at the same time clearer, especially if you use the filters. Buying clothes online is not that bad.

The fashion industry in the time of COVID-19

Many people like to go shopping in a clothing outlet. Here you can buy beautiful designer clothes with high discounts. The disadvantage of these outlets is that it is often very busy, that the store is a mess or that you cannot find what you are looking for. Hence, it is much easier and more relaxed to shop in an online clothing outlet. These are online shops where you will find an extensive collection of designer clothes with high discounts. So you can order beautiful items from your favorite clothing brand at attractive prices without having to browse all kinds of busy and cluttered stores.

Discounted Clothing From the new Collection

To Be Dressed is such an extensive clothing outlet that offers hundreds of clothing and shoe brands, always at a discount. Who doesn’t like to save money? You can go here for men, women, and children. In addition, you do not have to worry that you will only find products from the old collection here, because they offer items from current collections, but always at a discount. So you will find bargains here that you normally would never have been able to find, since it is a 24/7 sale. So you never have to wait for the sale again, but order your favorite designer clothes right away at affordable prices!

The fashion industry has gone off track. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the derailment of recent years. This slippage emphasizes the benefits of natural sustainable materials such as fur.

It can’t go on like this

Let’s take a tour of the fast-fashion fashion system so we can understand exactly why the situation is so bad that the fashion industry is now even saying it can’t go on like this.

The pace at many fashion brands has increased dramatically in the last 7 years. More and more in-between-season collections have emerged in recent years. And so more and more clothes are being produced. To make clothing cheaper, more and more synthetic textiles are used instead of natural materials. And due to the rapidly successive collections, the lifespan of garments in a store is up to two months. After that, the garments are no longer relevant and cannot be sold unless it is on sale. Now we have an end-of-season sale, mid-season sale, Black Friday, etc…. Garments are sometimes only worn once and then thrown away. Fast fashion has created insane consumer behavior that is also very harmful to the environment.

Corona: back to the old virtues

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The Corona crisis has completely disrupted the production lines and sales of many fashion brands. The crisis that has arisen in the fashion sector, as a result, has made important players within the sector realize that things cannot go on like this. This whole development culminates in the initiative that bears the name #rewiringfashion. Nearly 2,000 fashion brands have pledged to support a remake of the industry.

#Rewiringfashion wants to go back to producing quality clothing that is better for the planet and produced sustainably. Clothes that are not outdated after two months and that can be recycled. They want to return to the love for craftsmanship and beautiful quality materials.

Fur sector as an example

Fur articles have always been made on the basis of the above values. In fact, fur has all the qualities that the fashion industry is now looking for. The fur is responsible, it is craftsmanship, and it is the opposite of overproduction. Only one collection is made per year and many models and fur accessories (such as our fur scarves) are timelessly beautiful so that they can remain in the collection for years without becoming irrelevant. And restyling old furs is something that has always been an integral part of the fur shop’s business model. Fur has always been the contrast of fast fashion.

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