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3 Reasons Why All Men Need a Skincare Routine

You are probably wondering why you would “waste time” on skin care and isn’t it enough to wash and just apply aftershave lotion? Well, the truth is no one likes dry and rough skin! Your face will be grateful for everything you do, and thus you will be more attractive.

Ladies who live with their partners can testify that certain skin and body care products disappear faster since they’ve been living together. “How is that possible ?!”, you ask yourself. You guessed it – even those men who persistently avoid buying their skin creams want to look beautiful. The prejudice that men should not take care of their skin was created for … we don’t know what reasons, but modern men know that facial care is just as important for men as it is for women! So, high-quality cosmetics for men, such as Anoque, are now quite a common occurrence in stores and you should not be ashamed of the fact that you want to look well-groomed! Modern men pay more attention to their appearance than ever, so it’s no wonder that cosmetics for men are booming. By this we do not only mean pre- and aftershave preparations, perfumes, and products that are already widely used by the male population, but now we can also see many face creams for men, baths and shower gels for men’s skin, available on the market.

This is why we dedicated this article to state all the reasons why all men need a skincare routine.

Men are prone to blackheads more than women

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Most people are prone to blackheads in the so-called T-zones, but this is especially typical for men, probably because they don’t pay that much attention to these imperfections as women do. Blackheads are dilated pores that are being filled with impurities. Cleaning in your face daily is important to get rid of the blackheads. First of all, to get rid of them, it is important to follow this step, in order to remove all impurities and dead cells from the face. Apart from instant refreshment, washing with clean water will not achieve the removal of dirt from the face, which can clog your pores and create acne, pimples, blackheads, and other problems. That is why it is necessary to use one of the mild facial cleansers that will soothe, clean, and nourish your skin and beard, or prepare it for shaving if it is your habit. Facial cleansing should be performed in the morning and (especially when the skin is renewed) before going to bed, making sure the product is adjusted according to the skin type.

A good idea is to do your best to avoid all that contain soap, perfumes, and allergens, so they will not dry out your skin. Once it is dehydrated and dry it will start to look as you have dandruff on your face. On the other hand, for oily skin prone to acne, choose a product like a soap-free foam gel with salicylic and almond acid, gluconolactone, and tea tree oil, which has antibacterial effects, deeply cleanses, neutralizes bacteria, and improves the appearance.

Frequent shaving irritates the skin

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Men who have to shave almost every day are more exposed to skin irritation. In the previous paragraph, we have described why it is important to clean your skin and remove impurities, but it is also important to follow the cleaning routine before shaving. It will make the face prepared because, in these zones, men’s skin can be quite rough. Also, to prevent injuries, it is best to shave after a shower when the skin and chin soften a little due to the steam, and if you shave in the morning – it is good to keep a warm wet towel on your chin for a while to reach the same effect. You have probably seen this in movies.

To prevent irritation, choose a multi-blade razor and shaving foam or gel. After shaving and washing, apply an aftershave or aftershave lotion, according to the type of your skin. If you’re wearing a beard, which is quite popular at the moment – in order for it to be beautiful and attractive – it must be clean and well-groomed. Cosmetics for men have advanced, and in addition to washing the beard with a cleanser that will remove grease and other impurities, after combing it, it is best to apply a nourishing oil or other product specifically designed for beard care. More and more are available on the market.

Every skin needs to be hydrated

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In order for your skin not to be dry and unpleasant to the touch, as well as protected from various influences from the external environment, it is necessary to provide it with enough moisture – to hydrate it. You will provide enough moisture if you apply the cream once or twice a day. Best case scenario – in the morning and evening. Men’s face cream also varies according to skin types, and it is best to use those with natural ingredients. If you are over 35 – it is desirable that cosmetics for men also contain antiaging effects. Adequate face cream for men will provide care and elasticity, but also a long-lasting beautiful and youthful appearance of the face with the help of various nutrients.

Try to find a cream that repairs and nourishes skin, which is not greasy, does not contain perfumes or parabens, and is not comedogenic or clogs pores. But again, by following your skin type, you will not go wrong.

The truth is that the skin of a man and a woman is quite different in many ways – thickness, facial hair, sebaceous glands, and the size of the pores, which is determined by the hormones. The products and the routine are also different, as you can recognize what we have written in the article. However, most of the products suitable for women can be used by men as well.

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