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Why Industries Use Heat Recovery Systems And Their Benefits

Heat recovery is a very interesting topic in modern-day industries. For most companies, energy-saving is something that’s discussed in every executive meeting. The constant increase in energy costs has put forward the question of heat recovery systems. What are they? How do they work? How can they benefit companies within the manufacturing industry?

These industries are in constant need of thermal energy to power their machinery. But thermal energy produces waste heat in the form of exhaust gases, which are generated by flue gases. These gases are released into the atmosphere as soon as they are created, taking all the negative pollutants with them. This is very bad for the environment, as large C02 emissions are hitting the ozone layer every single day.

The industries that produce the most of these exhaust gases are the plastic or metal processing industries. These are the industries that are suffering the most from the constant rise in energy prices. This puts a negative dent on a company’s budget; having to constantly pay the large costs for maintaining production is something that is definitely not optimal for these companies.

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So this is where heat recovery systems come in handy. Namely, heat recovery systems make the companies less dependent on energy prices, and that doesn’t impact production.

These systems are the most effective way to save on running costs, improve energy balance, and maintain production all by using waste heat.

Heat recovery systems use the waste heat generated by flue gases to produce new energy. Each system is connected with pipes to the main heat exchanger unit where all the waste heat is being warmed by eighter water or how air. The waste heat runs through pipes that are separated by the ones that carry the new air, and filter out the negative pollutants, according to exodraft-waermerueckgewinnung.

This puts less of a dent on the atmosphere, as 95% of the waste heat is used to heat or preheat various tools, appliances, and heavy machinery.

What Are the Advantages of Using Heat Recovery Systems?

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The main advantage when it comes to heat recovery is the fact that it reduces energy consumption. But there are certainly others. Apart from positively impacting your energy budget, industries can greatly benefit from the connected load, which is reduced.

Heat recovery can be a great investment for all of your heating and cooling needs, and even completely replace the dedicated units. A Heat recovery unit can make an expensive reheater obsolete by reducing the temperature difference in the air.

But even if you don’t want to replace your heating systems, a heat recovery system will make your existing systems even more efficient. You can always replace it, but it is not out of the ordinary for industries to use both in accordance.

Another advantage is that HRV reduces the need to dispose of flue gases. Since this system uses the waste heat generated from flue gases, it also effectively filters the air, making it clean. Negative pollutants can be safely discharged into the sewage system as part of the wastewater.

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