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Why Are Dogs The Best Pets? 

Dogs and humans share a unique connection that no other animal on the planet could. It has been well acknowledged that dogs and humans share such a strong bond that few things can break it, and in most cases this bond is unbreakable.

Without dwelling too much on your plate, we are going to give you a few reasons as to why dogs are man’s best friend.

They Are Unquestionably Loyal

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Your dog will never betray you, simple as that. A recent study conducted on dog owners found that nearly 60% of dog owners tell their dogs everything. From their darkest secrets to their greatest fears, to their lowers points in life, the majority of dog owners will communicate everything with their dog, and they will hear everything you say.  They are more like humans than you think. They can even be born with Down Syndrome just like humans. You can click here to learn more about how dogs can have Down Syndrome.

Dogs Are Positive

The most wonderful thing about dogs is that they get excited for the simplest of things. That could be a plain stick, wrappers, a ball, but most importantly, they cannot wait to go for a walk. Dogs are wonderful because they appreciate the simple things in life and they can be used in therapeutic purposes. You can check for more details.

They Like to Cuddle

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Generally, all pets like to cuddle, but none more so than dogs. And while every dog is different, they will never miss out on the opportunity to cuddle and play with their owner.

They Keep You Active

Dogs are not like cats in the way that cats don’t require walking. But walking is the best part of having a dog. Whether that’s early in the morning, or late in the night, a dog walk keeps them active and it keeps you active and healthy as well. Every time I take my dog for a walk, I always feel great about myself.

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They Absolutely Love You

We love dogs and we have multiple ways of telling them that. But our dogs can’t really communicate with us the way we communicate with each other. We know that our dogs love us back because they are showing it. However, scientists found out that dogs release the love hormone “oxytocin” whenever our dogs interact with us.

They Can’t Wait For You to Get Back

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It’s a sad moment every time we have to leave for work or school knowing that we’re leaving our best friend at home. What’s even sadder is the fact that our dogs feel even worse than us. But the best moment in my day is when I get back from work and my dog charges at me. According to DogStruggles, Dogs are so loving that they cannot wait for you to get back home.

They Make Sure You Don’t Waste Food

Dogs are so great that they help you out every time you leave food. Instead of having to sit and eat through leftovers, you can simply give it to your dog. Dogs are our personal dustbins, in the sense that they will make sure no food goes to waste.

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They Make Your Day Better

Whether they’re doing something funny by accident, or they’re getting stubborn with you, dogs make our days better just by looking at them. But what makes my day the most is when I make myself a sandwich and offer none to my dog. He gets all dramatical and starts rolling his eyes. Bless his soul.


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