Who Invented Casino Games? A History of Gambling

Gambling as we know it cannot compare to the one just a few decades ago, not to mention how everything was much different when it first started. Now, there are opposite opinions about what should be called an invention of gambling, and this is where most experts in this field disagree.

While some look at the industry, others are more focused on the games, when they started, and when was the first bet placed. That is something we would try to provide an answer to as well, but focusing more on the facts.

The origins

Well, depending on how you look at games of chance and gambling, there are proven facts that gambling in some form has existed even in ancient China, as there are indications of rudimentary games. Yes, developments in Chine have much influenced the world we live in, and we can even find traces of gambling written on tiles that date back to 9th century China.

Of course, many will argue how the games in that period were not looked upon as gambling, but when we take a similar yet relatively newer example like Harward or even Yayle that were founded from the lottery money, we get to a point where gambling is deeply rooted into our society, regardless of the part of the world we are talking about.

On the other hand, we also must mention the importance of card games, as they revolutionized many aspects of our lives. Namely, before the cards that we all know and cherish today, people used various other tokens as a replacement for them. As for who gets the credit for creating the first deck of cards, that tribute goes to the French, even though card games were nothing new even years before.


The first gambling houses

There is no doubt that some type of gambling is old as humanity is, but speaking about gambling similar to one we have now, we need to mention first gambling houses, or as we now call them – casinos. Although new technology makes us think they are a new invention and something that hasn’t existed a hundred years ago, the truth is much different. The first gambling houses were invented four centuries ago, and they first appeared in Italy as an attempt to make gambling take place under controlled conditions.

Of course, many people were not excited about it and thought it was a bad idea, but these locations became more and more popular in the whole world and conquered Europe two centuries later. The gambling fever caught the entire world in the next years, which was why casinos started operating all over the world.


The mechanization of gambling and the invention of the first gambling machine and video slot in the middle of the twentieth century changed it all and made gambling much more controlled. Of course, land-based casinos with live dealers were still popular, and they are popular today, but it was a revolution in this world.

Machines were interesting to people as most of them were eager to try something new, and as the technology improved, the games started to change. Thanks to that, we now have a huge variety of games, and it is impossible to try them all, as new ones appear almost every day.


The gambling industry today

The first thing to understand about games of chance is that they have existed in one form or another for quite some time now. The only difference is that today the gambling industry became the one with the best market score in both popularity and overall profits. Of course, online gambling is highly responsible for such rapid growth as casino games have become much more accessible to much more people.

There is nothing that can compare to that special thrill that comes from playing your favorite game of chance, and various other things like bonuses and rewards, free trial versions, etc., only draw more people to at least try playing these games. Now, much has changed in this world in just a matter of years, but all those changes were for the better, even though many players with vast experience will argue against this claim.

Yes, the biggest benefit and a problem, depending on how you look at it, is that you can play from the comfort of your home. That unique feeling of stepping into a land-based casino lacks, but games-wise, live dealer ones that you can find online provide almost the same gambling experience.

Of course, the technology developments dictate the pace at which things will change, but if there is anything we can say about gambling that everyone will agree with, it’s that it is an entirely different experience from anything else. All that combined with one important aspect-you can win money while having the time of your life too.


Online casinos

Online casinos are extremely popular today thanks to the fact we do not need to leave our homes and worry about the dress code and rules in order to play our favorite game and try to win some money. Many people are concerned about safety, but if you start playing in a reliable and trustworthy casino, there is no need to worry about anything.

Of course, finding it can be a little challenging since there are too many of them, and if you do not know where to start your search, read more here.

The future

Of course, it is impossible to predict the future, but it is more than obvious that the gambling industry will become even more popular, thanks to modern technology. These two industries are closely related, and, as technology improves, the gambling industry is improving too.

Regarding the fact that new technologies appear every day, and people already use VR and AI, it is almost certain that gambling in the future will change and become even more interesting. Besides that, it has existed for a long time, and there is no doubt that people in the future will enjoy it too.

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