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Where You Can Get Refurbished iPhone 6s

At the beginning of its launch, iPhone 6s wasn’t favored by users who struggled with its performance. Thankfully, now with the iOS 12 update, users can enjoy amazing performance and speed with this device without facing any issues.

Generally, it is safe to say that any problem users had with this smartphone in the past is now gone thanks to the iOS 12 update.

With the software issues gone, the hardware abilities started to shine and the device is once more becoming popular. However, Apple stores have stopped selling this particular version of the iPhone as more recent releases started taking the spotlight. So, if you want an iPhone 6s as good as new, you can still get one.

With all the phone’s problems resolved, the only question remaining is how and where to get a refurbished sample in a good condition and a guaranteed quality?

In this article, you will find all the answers to that question.


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No matter what place you decided to get your refurbished iPhone 6s from, the condition of the phone is everything. Meaning that you might get the phone from the biggest and the most famous seller you can find, yet you might not be able to make sure of the condition of the device. The vendor’s name won’t do you much in this case.

There are several factors that can define or affect the condition of the device. The following are the main factors you must check to guarantee that you will get the best pristine item.

Grading system

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The smartphone offers many internal storage space options to choose from. Whether you want a 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB device, finding the best deal depends on understanding the refurbished phone grading system. This system determines the quality of the refurbishment result of the iPhone 6s or any other phone for that matter.

The grading system has 3 main grades that reflect the different conditions that refurbished phones can be in.

Grade A

The 6s that are of grade-A will generally have the best condition of all grades. The outer body of the phone will have a scratch or two that are barely visible. Ideally, the phone’s body will not have any marks or scratches at all.

Coming to the performance of the grade-A phones, you can expect the device to work and function as good as the brand-new model.

Grade B

For mobiles that fall into grade-B of refurbished phones, the device should be in an overall good/acceptable condition. Meaning that the screen would have a minimum to no marks or scratches. The body of the phone would probably have a few more obvious cosmetic wears and tears than those on the body of a grade-A, according to QwikFone.

As for the performance of the iPhone itself, it may suffer from an old or weak battery.

Grade C

A grade-C model is the one to stay away from if you’re looking for a phone in a good usable condition. Grade-C usually indicates a cracked screen or a battery that only lasts a few minutes.

Pristine condition

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There are multiple different condition names or descriptions for any refurbished phone. These condition names include “good condition”, “excellent condition”, and so on. The problem with this particular matter is that any electronic device condition can be subjective. So, for example, refurbished 6s with a battery that lasts for 10 minutes can be listed as “good condition” because it doesn’t have any scratches on the outer body of the phone ignoring the battery problems.

The perfect solution to avoid confusion regarding the condition name is to have a condition that has a clear definition of how the iPhone 6s should look and work.  In a nutshell, pristine is a one-word description that provides a guarantee of the iPhone’s like-new quality in all aspects.

How to choose your seller?

There are, of course, certain indicators that you should follow and check while choosing the seller you’re going to be buying the refurbished iPhone 6s from. Some of them offer you to buy one and get one for free, but not all are that generous. ResetTips were kind enough to provide the list of the ones that do, so make sure you check it out.

First, the experience and the general background of the seller can control many details about the quality of the job and the after-sale services you’re going to get from the said seller.

Specialty makes a difference

So, for example, a generic retail center that sells everything under the sun is less likely to give you a trustworthy repair service should your models need any. On the other hand, a specialized refurbishment center will not only be able to fix whatever issue you might face with the iPhone6s but will also be responsible for the smallest detail of the refurbishment process as it is performed by the center’s very own specialists.

The  deal terms

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This specific point contains multiple details from the after-sale services that the deal includes, to the payment method. So, let’s break down the most important questions you must ask to be able to determine which seller offers the best deal for the phone for you

1. Does the deal include a warranty? How long does it last?

Offering a warranty is the biggest teller of the refurbishment quality, the 6s condition, and the seller’s credibility. The warranty should also last long enough for the user to test the device and discover any shortcomings the device may have.

2. Will you be able to return the 6s? Do you get a refund?

A return policy is another important indicator of whether you can trust the seller or not. The return period should be sufficient for you to get a chance to test the phone before deciding whether you want to keep it or not. Also, the return policy must guarantee a refund of the full iPhone’s price as long as the device has no damages and still in the same condition it was sold in.

3. Is there any risk with the payment method?

It is not favorable to give your credit card information online to any party. As a solution, payment services such as PayPal offer the best and most secure alternative to pay for your online purchases without taking risks.

4. Does the refurbished 6s come with accessories?

As a bonus, some sellers will provide the proper charger and earphones with the device. This will certainly be considered as a good point for the seller. However, you must make sure that these accessories are brand-new. We don’t have to tell you not to use a used pair of earphones!

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