This Is What to Do If You’ve Been Rear-Ended in Arizona

A rear-end collision accident is when a driver hits your vehicle at the back. The impact can throw you forward and cause injuries to the head and neck. This makes the experience worse than a car crash involving the front of your vehicle.

While accidents are bound to happen, what you do afterward can make a world of difference in the long run. In this article, we’ll review what to do if you’ve been rear-ended in Arizona.

Contact the Police

You should contact the police right away to begin processing the accident. Ensure that the police come to the accident scene, as law enforcement can help document the occurrence and provide expertise in investigating the incident.

It can also be helpful to take photos of the scene, the vehicles involved, and any other damage caused by the incident. Additionally, make sure to exchange contact information with the other motorist involved in case any legal action may be needed.

Check for Injuries

Start with yourself and your passengers, and ensure nobody is hurt. After that, you should check the other car and see if any occupants are okay. If necessary, call 911 and get emergency medical assistance for anyone who may be injured.

When the dust has settled, take pictures of all vehicles involved, the damage, and any injuries to help with insurance claims. You must remain calm in these situations and document everything that has happened to have a record of the incident.


Navigating the Insurance Claim

Take pictures of the damaged cars and obtain contact information from witnesses if available. Report the accident to your insurance company and ask your insurer about the process for filing a claim. Your insurer will need to know all the accident details and the car’s damage.

The insurer will then determine if the other driver is responsible for the damage and advise you on what kind of compensation you are entitled to.

Seeking Medical Attention

Doing so can help protect you from any potential issues that you may develop in the future. An examination can detect any hidden damage that might not be immediately apparent.

It would be best to record any doctor’s visits, medical tests, and prescriptions related to the accident. This will help support any personal injury claim you may wish to file further.

Pursuing Legal Action

If you experience a rear-end accident, pursuing legal action is essential if possible. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, damage to your vehicle, and more. The first step is to speak with a personal injury attorney.

Your lawyer can advise you on your rights, the process, and what your claim may be worth. They will also help you collect evidence to support your claim, such as vehicle damage estimates, eyewitness statements, and police reports. An accident attorney in Phoenix can help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your losses.

Follow This Guide to Know What to Do in a Rear-Ended Situation

Fortunately, knowing what to do if you’re rear-ended in Arizona should help you get the help you need. Be sure to stay calm, assess the situation, take photos, exchange information with the other driver, and contact the proper authorities if necessary. Lastly, always be sure to contact an experienced attorney to make sure your rights remain protected.

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