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What Technologies Can Help You With Home Renovation Projects

If you’re looking to give your outdated home a new look, then doing so can be quite easy meaning you don’t need to buy a new one just to stay trendy. But remodeling requires a certain skill set, and any DIY project can be aided with the help of technology. Nowadays, technology makes it easy for us to do virtually anything from our mobile devices. The case is exactly the same when it comes to home renovation projects.

There are apps out there that can come useful to homeowners during such projects, and we’re going to talk all about them in this article.


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Buildshop is a tool for any homeowner, builder, remodeler, or DIY fanatic. This app makes planning and organizing of renovation projects a piece of cake. It has features that help you estimate the cost of your project, schedule workers, and tons more. It comes with a predefined checklist and a to-do list for every project you start. This allows for breaking down your project into multiple tasks. As soon as you finish the task, tick off the box.

Another useful feature is the project scrapbook feature, which enables you to share all of your renovation drawings with professionals so they can share their advice and feedback. And do you want to know what the best thing about Buildshop is? Everything that we’ve mentioned is located on one single platform, making this app a must-have.


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According to Plumb and Lined, Magicplan is the go-to app for planning home renovations. The amazing thing about Magicplan is that it allows you to collect and organize all of your indoor data so you can share it with your contractor. This app completely replaces the need for measuring since you can use your phone camera or tablet for it.

The app has a predefined measuring tool that you can use to visualize and measure the improvements needed for each room. It’s available on both iOS and Android and it has a free and paid version.


A big part of home renovation is coloring. The most exciting part of renovation is when you get to pick a new color for each room. But it can be frustrating if you have little knowledge on the subject. Well, fear not as ColorSnap is an app that lets you choose the right color with great ease. You can use the app to scan a color and sample it on your walls by appearing on your phone screen. The app also provides suggestions if you have no clue what color to use.

Homestyler Interior Design

Interior design is just as big as picking a new color for your rooms, and some even say bigger. It can be even more challenging to choose home decorations. Luckily for you, technology makes it possible for you to experiment with various home interior ideas. This technology comes in the form of an app that lets you take a picture of your space and then experiment with furniture, color, and lighting. With tons of options available, all from certified brands, this app makes renovation much easier than what it seems.

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