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What Is an Eternity Rose?

Throughout life, every man has several important events that he truly rejoices in, be it the wedding of a best friend, the baptism of a child, a sister’s birthday, or the celebration of Valentine’s Day with a loved one. Unfortunately, there are those less beautiful things in life, and those are breakup, quarrel, illness, and even death. But what do all these events have in common? Flowers. Flowers understands all languages and knows how to say forgive me, I love you, sorry, congratulations, happy birthday, and so on. Yes, flowers express emotions best. However, it is not enough to just run to the flower shop and buy the first bouquet that is in front of you, it takes a little effort because each flower carries a different message.

Thus, for example, red flowers (usual roses) are most often given to a loved one because they symbolize passion and eternal love, while in combination with white roses they become a symbol of tenderness and the desire to stay together forever. It is known that red is a symbol of lust, so the meaning of flowers in this color does not differ at all.

The white color signifies purity and peace. Flowers of this color exude a special tenderness and are suitable for many occasions precisely because they symbolize goodness, spirituality, and innocence.

If you want to congratulate a friend on business success, purple flowers are the right choice, because they symbolize achievement and admiration.
Someone will say that yellow flowers express jealousy, but there are more who think that this color is a symbol of happiness and joy.
So, each color of the flower tells its own story. After choosing the color, the choice of flowers follows. Yes, we know that there are carnations, lilies, orchids, and many other species, but roses are still in the first place. We believe that there are also those people who think that buying a bouquet is a waste of money because it will certainly fade in a few days. But what if we tell you that there are roses that will last much longer, even up to a year? Yes, we are talking about eternity rose.

What is an eternal rose?

Imagine a rose that you will pick while it is still in full bloom and that will remain unchanged for a long period. This is exactly what we call the eternal rose. You may also hear of the term stabilized flowers. All in all, it doesn’t matter what you call it, the only thing that matters is that everyone will like it and that it is suitable as a gift for any occasion. Stabilized flowers are those plants that:

They are coated with special substances that block their wilting and decay. In this case, the plant is quite similar to flies in amber – the coating is hard and does not allow the flower to lose its shape.

They have completely changed their internal composition, due to the introduction in any way of special chemicals. In this case, the plant is also considered quite dead, but all its internal components are impregnated with substances that make the fabric more durable and retain its natural color. More about eternal roses you can find on Girls simply adore these flowers, because it is always difficult for them to part from the bouquet they received from a loved one, and some even dry the bouquet and save it as a souvenir, although it does not look as beautiful as it should. With eternal roses, you won’t have to think about it, and best of all, it will always smell the same as on the first day. Well, do you still think that buying a bouquet is a waste of money?

How to take care of an imperishable flower?

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In all cases, stabilized roses are afraid of direct sunlight. In the first case, they cause fading and evaporation of glycerin, and in the second melting of the wax. Wipe the dust very carefully, with a dry cloth or soft dust swab. Flowers stabilized with the solution should be protected from moisture, as this disrupts the concentration of glycerol in the tissues and reduces the lifespan of the flowers. The lifespan of an eternal rose depends on the manufacturer, but also on you and the way you store it, but we can say that it is 1-5 years.

To stabilize the rose longer, you are satisfied, as mentioned above, it is worth keeping it in a dry room, away from the air of light. Also, you must not water it. The reason is the same – water will break down the concentration of glycerol.

Do not move the bouquet a lot, as some manufacturers, for a better view, “construct” roses from several parts of different flowers – unnecessary movements can spoil the flower.

Now you have the necessary knowledge of such an unusual and wonderful gift as a stabilized rose. Whether you saved the flower or bought it from professional florists, this gift will be remembered by people for a long time and will be a pleasant sight for years to come.

Does the number of roses in the bouquet have symbolism?

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The smallest bouquet consists of three roses. Small bouquets express respect. Bouquets of seven roses speak of secret love and those of nine express admiration. You can expect a bouquet of fifteen with for your wedding anniversary, and the one with twenty-one beautiful flowers is intended for a person with whom you have deep feelings. Although many consider the bouquet with 101 roses a cliché, any girl will rarely remain indifferent to this gesture. If there is no unwritten rule, an even number of flowers is intended for burial.

The number of roses in the bouquet does not carry any deep meaning. There are some already established traditions, the respect or disrespect of which depends more on your desire to follow them and no more. And the most important criterion that determines the size of the roses in the bouquet is, of course, the financial capacity of the donor. The more roses, the more luxurious the look of the bouquet.

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