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What Is A Modular Kitchen And How It Is Different From A Semi-Modular Kitchen?

Homeowners have heard of modular kitchens and are delighted to know that they can dismantle it and take it with them when they move places, and hence they shell out bucks and order these, but they often fail to realize that the majority of the time they are purchasing semi-modular kitchens and not modular ones.

If you are someone who is going to move to a new place and is confused between which one to get and want to know the difference that lies between before you purchase one, you have come to the right place.  The very popular – modular kitchen is a type of gallery that can be dismantled and can be reinstalled.

The fact that they are reusable makes them hugely popular among homeowners. You can take your whole gallery with you when you move to a different house, and some of these types can be installed without the help of the professionals! But semi-modular ones are a tad bit different from modular kitchens.

Semi-modular ones cannot be dismantled entirely. You cannot take the whole of the gallery with you to your new home. In semi-modular ones, you already have the platform ready.

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The gallery platform is usually made of marble, and the countertops are made of granite. You cannot take this platform with you, although you can take the appliances, the shutters, and trolleys that you add to the gallery. You will have to leave the gallery platform as it is.  But here is the catch – although you can take with you the trolleys and the appliances, they may not quite fit the cookery platform in your new home, and you may have to buy new ones that fit the platform.

Are They Expensive To Set Up?

Well, yes, they are expensive to install. Modular kitchen price range from 30k to 1 lakh. There are different types of these, and the prices depend on the type and the materials used in it. But you will have to pay the price only once as the cookery is reusable. Apart from the price, you will also have to pay the professional who will come to your place to install it. The installation can take one or two days but not more than that.

So, if you consider the modular kitchen price and the fee of the professional than the installation of it is quite an expense. For checking the prices of differently customized modular kitchen prices click here

Now let’s take a look at the common types of modular kitchens.

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Popular Modular Kitchen Layouts Among Homeowners

There are 6 major types of layouts and which layout will suit you depends on how it works in your gallery, the floor plan of your gallery and of course the space or area of your cookery. Without further ado, let’s get into the 6 most popular layout plans for modular galleries.

  • Peninsula Kitchen Layout- It is also known as the g shaped one. This kind of layout is quite similar to that of an island type, but instead of an island in the middle of the kitchen, there is a peninsula that runs perpendicular to the wall and is connected to the main work area. If you have a small one, then a peninsula layout will suit your gallery the best. The bar or the peninsula adds to the available workspace and countertops and can be used for serving snacks or meals.
  • Parallel Kitchen Layout – this layout has two workspaces run parallel to each other, with space between them for movement. They are considered to be the most efficient gallery layout by interior designers as they can be installed in all kinds of galleries, small or large and has plenty of working space and storage space. You can even store away your cooking magazines here! A parallel kitchen is mostly divided into two separate zones – the dry zone, comprising of the meal preparation area and the wet zone, consisting of the sink and the dishwasher. Sometimes the wet zone also includes a washing machine.
  • Island Layout – Everyone wants an island in their gallery because of its contemporary look, but an island layout is not suited for small cookeries. Island layout is ideal for large ones, and they provide plenty of work area. This one is either in the shape of an L or a straight line and has an island in the midst of it. The island can be used for serving breakfast or can also be used as a sink.
  • Straight Layout – This kind of layout does not have the work triangle, but all the zones are placed in one straight line. They are great for tiny apartments or lofts as they do not need much space to be installed!
  • L Shaped Type – The most popular layout can also make room for a small dining table if you so wish.
  • U Shaped Type – They are great for large ones and for people who love cooking and spend a lot of time in the gallery.

Measure your kitchen area, consider the walls and the floor plan, and take your pick!

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