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Choose Houseplant For Your Living Room – 2024 Guide

Plants add shape, color, and life to any living rooms and they are a powerful tool in decorating as well. Like furniture, artwork, and other decorations, you can use them as a central point, to fill in empty spaces, or even as a last-minute styling choice. In this article, you will be able to read about five plants that are ideal for any living room. Let’s take a look at the list:

Sansevieria aka Snake Plant

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Not all of us have a living room that is filled with natural light. For my fellow cave dwellers, where the closest thing to sunlight is Netflix’s website, you should opt for a Sansevieria. Sansevieria often referred to as snake plants are tough flower species that will make themselves at home at any corner of your living room. There is a wide range of them to chose from, ranging from spiky and tall to squat and short. Keep in mind that you should allow the soil to dry before watering them again, and they do not need a lot of light to survive.

Rhipsalis aka the Mistletoe cacti

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If you want something edgy and small, this is the right plant for you. When it is small, it has a dead-tree-in-winter look, however, once grown, it gets that bedhead vibe. Rhipsalis has jointed stems and no leaves, but some types might have leaves. It perfect for adding a little bit of green to your bookshelf or grouping with succulents. It is also a great addition for end tables, desks, and fireplace mantels. You should allow the soil to dry between each watering and this plant thrives in moderate to bright light.

Maranta aka the Prayer Plant

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Prayer plants are a simple delight to have and grow. Their leaves will fold at dusk in response to the light, and while they are folding, they make a gentle, calming rustling sound during the night. Besides this amazing feature, they are beautiful, easy to grow, and varied. They come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes and no matter what you living rooms style is, they will definitely compliment it. Keep in mind that these plants need watering on a regular basis and a moderate amount of light.

Araucaria aka the Norfolk Island Pine

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According to the experts from, if you are a fan of forests, you will not regret getting a Norfolk island pine. This evergreen plant is tropical, however, they provide an illusion of being in the Christmas period. They look good all year long, can be grouped with lower plants like ferns and ivies, and they are extremely fun to decorate during the holidays. You water this plant when the soil is dry and it needs moderate to bright light to thrive.

Ficus Lyrata aka the Fiddle Leaf Fig

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If you have a sunny and spacious living room, you should get a fiddle leaf fig. They are a perfect décor element, serene, and fun to look at. Fiddle leaf figs are charming because of their oversized leaves on top and a spindly trunk, which makes it awkward, but so beautiful at the same time. Be careful not to overwater this plant and they need indirect and bright light to grow.


If you are looking for houseplants for your living room, one of these options might suit your living room style and your taste. Hence, do not waste any more time and start looking for some plants to buy.

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