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What do you Need to know before Applying for a Loan? 

There’s no doubt that loans can come in handy. It can assist you when in financial difficulties, some unforeseen expenses such as medical bills, or some other big changes in life. In fact, you’re thinking about applying for a loan right now. As you learn more about the Magical Credit installment loans offered online, take a moment and ask yourself a few questions. The answers will make it all the easier to decide if a loan right now is the right solution for you.

What are My Plans for the Money?

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This is the first question to ask: How do you plan on using the money? Some loans are extended with the understanding that the funds will be used for a specific purpose. Other types of loans do not require stating a purpose upfront; you’re free to use the money any way that you like. This depends on the amount and the purpose of the money that you would like to take.

Identifying the reason for the loan helps you decide what kind of lending arrangement would work best in your case. If there are loans designed for that specific purpose, you want to focus your attention on them. If not, some sort of personal loan will often be a good fit. Plan this very thoroughly, since you need to decide if the things you will use these funds are necessary if the money would be used to buy goods. Same goes if you are deciding on which house to buy or car to get. Weighing in the needs, desires and available funds will make your loan be worth it.

How Much Do I Need?

In the best-case scenario, how much money do you need to accomplish the intended purpose? Be realistic about the amount rather than coming up with an estimate that has no basis in fact. If necessary, research the current costs associated with similar purchases. Doing so helps avoid applying for an amount that’s less than needed while also asking for far more money than the purpose requires. This means that if you are redecorating and refurnishing your home, put all on paper and make compromises where you can.

Do not forget about hidden expenses in this case, since you may forget a thing or two. If you are buying a home or a vehicle, be sure that the one you have picked meets your needs and if you can make a compromise here as well. By being very detailed about the needs, you will be able to get enough money to get the job done, without being short. If possible, try to find good offers, discounts and similar if the loan is used for purchasing goods.

What Sort of Installment Payments Can I Afford?

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With personal loans in Vancouver or any other type of lending arrangement, it pays to determine how much you can afford to pay back with each installment. This is not information that you have to share with the lender. It will come in handy if you receive approval along with a schedule for repayment. One quick look will tell you if the amount of the installment payments can be managed with ease. If not, you may want to adjust the amount that you’ve asked to borrow, see if the loan term can be extended a bit, or try working with a different lender.

This is very important since you would like to take a specific amount of money in order to get the job done, and some smaller amounts may not get you the results you have hoped for. It is very important to ask about the installments and to think very hard if you can afford to pay that sum every month. In loans that are smaller, you may be able to have installments that are flexible so you can pay the loan faster, in installments you decide on, giving more or less each month. In other cases, if borrowing bigger amounts installments can be very high, and you will have to pay that specific sum of money for a certain number of years. Be sure you are ready for this commitment and plan a lot ahead since if you take a loan that you will have to give back for twenty years, kids should be included as an option. Make sure that your lifestyle can support an additional fee for the loan.

What’s My Plan for Making the Payments on Time?

Even knowing that the installment amount is doable, there’s still the matter of coming up with a specific plan for having the money ready every month. For example, are you paid the first of each month? That will mean setting aside the funds in one lump sum. If you’re paid every other week, it’s possible to save a percentage of the installment amount from each paycheck. Whatever the strategy that you use, the money should be on hand so you can make each payment on time. By knowing the plan of payments, you will need to plan your savings so you can have the money for the installments once they need to be paid, whether this is at the end or beginning of the month.

Be sure to be punctual when it comes to paying, since additional fees may be charged if you are late with the payments. This is something you would like to avoid, especially if the installments are high. When paying for the loan, you will need to be extra careful and detailed with your budget, since all personal needs should be satisfied, and all bills need to be paid as well. When you get a hang of it, it is easy, but you can find yourself struggling in some months. This only means that you need to plan your funds more carefully as well as identify reasons for lack of money.

How Will Loan Improve My Quality of Life?

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There’s one more question that you need to ask yourself. Consider the answer carefully. If you do go ahead with the loan application and you are approved, what real value will the loan provide? The answer may not be as clear as you think at first.

Do make a list of the tangible and intangible ways that the money from the loan will make your life a little better. For example, you could use the money to replace something that’s wearing out around the house. That’s a tangible benefit. Maybe the car needs new tires so you can get to and from work safely. That’s also a tangible benefit.

There are intangible advantages that may also result. The loan proceeds could lift a worry or two from your shoulders. That could mean that indirectly the loan helps you sleep better. Getting rid of sources of stress in your life could also mean that your mood is improved. The indirect benefit here is that people may find you more pleasant to be around since your mood is more balanced.


In many cases, the right loan will help you in more than one way. Define your reasons for seeking the loan, ensure that you can repay it on time, and know-how the loan will affect you in a positive way. Once you have all those facts at hand, you’ll be ready to find the right lender.

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