What Car To Rent For Travel

Transport, like phones, has become an integral part of our lives. Every year cities are expanding, respectively, the distance from one point to another is also growing. Getting there on foot is becoming more and more difficult. Cars, rented cars, public transport, and taxis come to our aid.

There are several ways to reduce the time spent on the road to your destination: take a bus, drive your own car, and if there is no car, then car rental comes to the rescue. Renting a car for travel will be cheaper and faster. After all, car rental is different, it can be either a car weekly rental or a long-term rental. The longer you rent a car, the cheaper it costs you. Try to rent a car only on trusted sites such as

In this article, we will talk about what car to rent for a trip.

Traveling With a Large Group


If you are used to spending your free time with many friends or relatives, then when planning a trip, it is better to opt for minibusses and minivans.

  • Mercedes-Benz Vito. The modern model of this minibus with a premium interior is literally created for interesting leisure. It has everything to ensure comfort during the trip not only for the driver but also for all passengers: climate control, TV in the cabin, and comfortable seats. With such transport, you can easily organize small private sightseeing tours.
  • Volkswagen Caravelle. The roomy and maneuverable German minivan has been holding the first position in the rental tops for many years. Excellent design, and well-thought-out system of embarkation, and the disembarkation of passengers make it ideal for both short trips out of town and long trips.
  • Hyundai H1. The perfect combination of easy control, comfort, and affordable price. At the same time, the spacious leather interior of this car is almost as good as more expensive VIP-class models. A long journey on such a bus will be a really pleasant adventure.

For City Tours


Are you going to explore the city or the surrounding area? Then the best option is a roomy, small sedan or hatchback. Here are a few options that might work for you.

  • Hyundai i10. Maneuverable, compact, and reliable – this is the most accurate characterization of this car. The car also has a low fuel consumption rate and ample room for the driver and passengers to enjoy the journey.
  • Volkswagen Tiguan. Excellent German quality, combined with the unpretentiousness of the car and ease of operation, allows you to feel confident even on an unfamiliar road.
  • Mini Cooper. An affordable option, while having a fairly presentable appearance. The air conditioning of this car will make it possible to feel comfortable even in extreme heat, and a roomy trunk will allow you to stock up on the road with everything you need.

The Trip Out of Town


For those who cannot imagine their vacation without overnight stays in the open air, fishing walks in the forest, or just picnics, it is best to pay attention to powerful and reliable off-road vehicles.

  • Suzuki Vitara. An affordable version of the front-wheel drive crossover, which is able to give a feeling of ease when driving, even on not the best quality roadway. The high ground clearance of the car makes it suitable for driving outside the city, and economical fuel consumption allows you to expand the geography of movement.
  • Ford Bronco. An all-wheel drive crossover equipped with a multi-information display on the dashboard is the perfect choice for long-distance trips. The roomy cabin of this model, if necessary, will be an excellent alternative to a tent.
  • Hyundai Santa Fe. This stylish SUV will provide a comfortable road at any time of the year thanks to a superbly equipped interior. Full power accessories, heated seats and steering wheel, and climate control will help out on cold winter days and cool summer nights. The high ground clearance will allow you to easily overcome off-road areas on your way, and excellent equipment will give you a feeling of complete safety on the road.

How to Make a Long Trip Easier


Make sure the car is in good technical condition, check the level of all fluids, and do not forget the spare tire – such advice is given to those who are going to drive hundreds of kilometers by car. However, when going on such a trip, it is worth considering a more important circumstance: you yourself can “fail” yourself, so first of all you need to take care of yourself.

What about coffee?

This drink, or rather the caffeine contained in it, can really invigorate. For a well-rested driver, this can be a salvation, for a tired one, a fatal mistake. The fact is that caffeine does not give energy to the body, but collects it in the bottom of the barrel. Therefore, when the effect of the substance ends (and this will happen in about three hours), feverish vigor will be replaced by severe exhaustion. A second glass of coffee won’t help.

Driving conversations

Conversations help to dilute the road routine and not start nodding while driving. If there are no passengers in the cabin, you can call someone. Contrary to popular belief, conversations, including political arguments, do not interfere with driving.

You go faster – you won’t be earlier

The desire to quickly see loved ones or new places, as a rule, encourages the driver to drive as quickly as possible. But from the point of view of safety (and financial benefits as well), it is better to keep the speed slightly below the maximum permissible and periodically accelerate or slow down a little. Long-term travel at very high speeds can give the illusion of a narrower road. As well as the associated illusion of the dangerous proximity of an oncoming car.

Not tired – have a rest

Often, lovers of long trips by car are so addicted that they settle down for the night late at night. And if they realize that there is not much left to the last point of the route, they decide to get to it without wasting time sleeping. And this is a big mistake. An organism suffering from lack of sleep and overwork will defend its right to rest. Especially insidious in this case are microsleeps, when the driver periodically turns off for 3-10 seconds, and rides with his eyes closed, not realizing what is happening.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Have a good road.

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