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5 Reasons Why You Need Wedding Dance Lessons – 2024 Guide

What you’ve dreamed of all your life is finally happening. Your wedding day is approaching and every little thing has to be in place – everything has to be faultless. When planning those big things like ballroom, ceremonies, receptions and things like that, we lose sight of the smaller but important things. For example, your first dance.

Let’s be honest – not everyone in this world is enormously talented for dance. Someone likes to play sports, someone to paint, someone to play music. Someone has never tried to dance because they think they wouldn’t be able to. Or they are afraid of being laughed at.

However, when it comes to the first wedding dance, there are no excuses. It’s an event that is long remembered and therefore deserves special attention and preparation.

According to what you can read on QuickSteps website, specially dedicated to dance classes (with a highlight on wedding dance ones), these will be “two blissful minutes” that you get to spend with your significant other without any interruptions, after all the effort you have put in order to make this day the best day of your life. Here are some reasons why you should consider wedding dance classes as an option.

It’s actually funny!

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Take our word for it! The truth is, you have to make a decision about the first dance together. If one persuades another – everything might go a little bit harder. It’s often the case that men are “persuaded” to go dancing classes and that it creates pressure for them, but it really doesn’t need to be an unpleasant and exhausting experience. The secret is in the observation perspective, so, dear men, let’s try to change your mind.

You need to have fun and you need to relax. If you aren’t really that type of guy who loves romantic swing-along, you can always come up with some witty choreography, you can use all your imagination and have fun. Classes like these are often more than amusing if the instructor is creative enough – a bunch of laughs over missed steps, learning something new and filling up some free time with some relaxing activity. Why not try?

It’s a bonding time for you and your future spouse

Wedding dance classes should be seen as a precious relaxing time to spend with your partner, beyond dizzying obligations brought by planning and other things that occupy your mind. It happens that we forget to eat, breathe or sit down to have a decent cup of coffee, especially when the wedding’s already approaching. It’s sometimes difficult to divert your mind if we have so much in mind, so these dance lessons should be considered an opportunity to get away from the stress caused by the preparations at least for a few hours a week.

Spending a few hours in the arms of your loved one, nicely swaying or crazy-wiggling trying to learn all the choreography doesn’t sound so bad, does it? It will deepen your relationship even more and will be another shared experience in the sea of others to come.

You learn something new

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You may never have thought about the dance before, just like the people mentioned in the introductory section, or has it ever occurred to you that you would actually need it in your entire life. Perhaps the magic of everything is precisely about that. Why not try something new? You may find it quite captivating and entertaining, and even decide to continue dancing when the wedding euphoria is over.

If you are an adventurer in life, this will not be difficult for you, since such people usually like to do things they have never done before. And if you are not – well, you can try anyway! Just because you have the most beautiful company in the world – your loved one – it all becomes much more enjoyable and easier and more interesting.

You get help matching the song and dance

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Do you know those special songs that somehow marked the most wonderful moments of your relationship and your love? The one you chose for your first wedding dance?

Well, whether it’s a romantic song or a cheerful track full of energy, you should keep in mind that the dance just has to match the character of the song. You can’t waltz while a lively song is on, or jump like crazy to Ed Sheeran’s slow ballad. And no, it’s not always easy to fit – there are a bunch of different types of dances. And who knows how to mix these two elements better than a professional?

With the help of an instructor, you can try out different types of movements and dances – it will help you choose the ones that go best with the tone of your song. Not only that – it will give you any other helpful guidelines you can follow to make it look great. Even if you haven’t chosen a song and you’re still not sure about choosing one, that’s OK, too – they can help you choose one according to what you like best and what works best for you when it comes to dancing.

You prepare for the “all eyes on you” moment

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Whether you want it or not, attention is inevitable on this special day. All eyes will be on you from the moment you step into the church or the venue, until the last moment of celebration. The first dance is one of the occasions when almost no one will look at something else. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself for a bunch of cameras, many tears of joy and the full attention you’ll get at that moment.

Of course, this isn’t really the most pleasant situation for some people, but why not turn it in your favor? You look beautiful (probably the greatest you’ll ever look!), this is the most important day in your life – enjoy it. If this still seems like a pretty awkward moment for you, dance lessons can be of much help. In this way, you will learn how to cope with other people’s views and get rid of shame – a few hours will be enough to almost completely relax and dance as if you were doing it your whole life.

Music is in all of us and when we spice it up with love, we create the real magic on the dance floor. Therefore, this occasion deserves special attention and preparation for the newlyweds. If you want this moment to stay forever in your memory for years to come, then you really need to do something special to make it look as perfect as possible. So say no more, go grab your partner’s hand – and dance him to the end of life!

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