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Can you Wear a Plate Carrier Without Plates

We are sure that you have always wondered what is the most important thing in life. You have thought, you have thought of many things but you have not realized what is most important. Money, health, happiness, career, love, education, personal development, personal happiness, or something else – these are the most common things that you have thought and thought were the most important, but you could not single out the one that is most valuable and most important. To be honest, all these things are important, but there is only one that is most important and above all, that is safety. Safety is health, happiness, success, and many other things, because what is left for you if you are in danger and you are unsafe?

Security is the most important thing that each of us needs. When you are safe you can do literally anything. Then you are happy because you have freedom, you are free because you do not feel danger, then you are singing, healthy, unlimited, and infinite. This proves that security is everything for each of us and that without it nothing will be the same, that things will be very different from what they are at the moment, that suddenly everything will disappear. We do not know that, but the soldiers who are on the battlefield and who face various situations during their struggle and during the performance of their missions know this.

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They know how important it is for someone to be safe because they strive all the time to be and stay safe. For that, it is necessary to have appropriate skills, and in addition to the necessary skills, they also need to be applied appropriately. Along the way, along with the skills, you need appropriate protective equipment such as a helmet, bumpers for arms and legs, professional hard military boots, and the irreplaceable body armor, which in its new form is better known as a plate carrier. What exactly is it about? It is a special vest that has a place to put plates that are thicker than the body armor and that protect the body. These kits are especially needed for soldiers who are on the battlefield where there are open fires.

They are excellent protection and protect the body from high temperatures and from bullets and other shooting elements. Today there is a dilemma that is present among soldiers, but also among ordinary people, and that is whether this vest can be worn without plates and if it is worn what happens. We researched and came up with the answers that we have prepared for you and we present them to you through this article. Are you ready to find out? Read us to the end and get to them.

Can you carry a plate carrier without plates?

Protection is what we need at all times and it is the most precious thing, this is the attitude of the people from the police, the army, but also the medical staff. In order to be sufficiently protected, we need to wear body armor that will protect our bodies. It is required to be worn if you are a soldier or security guard and can be worn by civilians. In addition to the body armor, the new form of armor can be worn, which is better known as plate carrier. The point of this vest is the same as the body armor – to protect the body from unwanted events. Without the plates, it is also called soft armor because it is empty, it does not weigh and there is nothing in it, but when the plates are placed in it, it is also called hard armor precisely because of the plates that are inside the vest and because its protective property. The question that bothers people is whether he can be carried without the plates in it anyway. Of course, he can, but he loses his function that way. If you are a soldier, wear it like this only on parades where there is no danger of an attack.

If you are a civilian, wear it to keep you warm in the winter or wear it as a fashion accessory. It is especially useful if you are a supporter of the military-style of dressing, and if you need such a carrier for your appearance, consider the offer they have on Again, we would like to emphasize that you must not wear it empty if it serves as a protection, while if you want to have it as an accessory in your clothing offer (if you respect the military-style of dress), get it in your closet. We would also like to emphasize that it is great for the pilots because while they are in the aircraft, cold air enters from which they can protect themselves with this vest. Check your need and get it for yourself if needed.

What are the plates made of and what are they actually used for?

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If you were wondering what material the tiles are made of, we bring you the answer. They are usually made of iron. It is a solid iron that is effective in protecting against bullets. When an unwanted bullet like a bullet wants to enter the vest it will be stopped by the plate and will not allow it to go to the chest. They are mandatory defense parts only if you are a soldier or a member of the security services in order to protect you, but if you do not need this vest from a security point of view you can wear it freely without them because they will only weigh on you and will be an additional burden. which will be completely unnecessary to you.

Now that we know the purpose of this vest, we can freely plan it as part of our protective equipment or as part of our wardrobe. As we have already said, this piece can be a perfect shield from the cold or it can be a great accessory for your military fashion combination. So unleash your imagination and decide on your choice.

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