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6 Ways You Can Fix Your TV Reception – A 2024 Guide

Imagine this situation – you are sitting on your couch after a long day at work, relaxing while watching your favorite TV show, and then, the signal gets interrupted and you miss seeing the most significant moment in an episode. Now, you probably got annoyed and started wondering why are you paying for the service provider if the signal is terrible? Well, it might not be their fault, instead, your antenna might not be working properly.

If you found yourself in a situation where your TV reception is constantly bad and interrupting your well-deserved TV time, then you might find this article to be quite helpful. Let’s take a look at the six things that you can choose to try in order to fix and increase your television reception:

1. Move The Aerial to a Higher Places

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The very first thing that you must attempt is to move the aerial to a higher place, and you’ll also need to check and see that it has a cleared “line” towards the broadcast towers that are closest to your house or apartment. In a perfect situation, this would mean that it should be aimed toward the towers without any hindrances – such as houses, skyscrapers, cliffs, and trees – between them.

The obstacles around your residence can make radio frequencies divided as they travel from the surface and right into the television set. If you notice pixelation and if you cannot see the picture from time to time, definitely try to adjust the location of the aerial or try pointing it to the broadcast buildings properly.

2. Ensure That it is Aimed Accurately

Multidirectional antennas do provide a reception that is more powerful, but, in order for it to be powerful, it needs to be precisely aimed at the origin of the signals you are receiving. If your signal is bad, you can attempt to adjust the direction of the aerial towards the towers – and even the slightest movement can make all the difference as reported by professionals from TV aerial Installation from Edinburgh we talked to on this website.

3. Resetting The Digital Tuner Might Help

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The digital tuner is what converts the incoming signal into a digital format that is shown on your screen. Most often, it is situated on your TV, or it can also be external like, for instance, the reception box. You can try getting rid of the cache in the device in order to renew the information stored inside the tuner.

4. Weather-Proof The Antenna And All of Its Components

Wind, snow, storms, water, and the sun, can extremely influence your equipment and it can also cause it to malfunction frequently. So, an antenna that has an insulated shell, but has bad and low-quality bolts and connectors, it won’t last long. Hence, you should inspect the cables, devices, components once a year.

Additionally, if there are any components that can be placed in a container or case, do that, especially if the antenna needs those parts for working properly. You can also do it to all your cables by applying a coax-seal and a proof tape that will prolong their lifespan and durability.

5. Check If Any Items Are Causing Interference

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Any surface that is reflective or any electromagnetic devices in your house can actually weaken and hinder the incoming frequency signals. This is why you need to check whether the wires and wiring insulation are in good quality, remove any reflective surfaces that are placed around the aerial, and whether or not any electromagnetic device is interfering with it.

6. Protect The Antenna From a Possible Power Surges

Thunderstorms can often cause power surges, and it can damage a wide range of appliances and devices when it happens. Even the static electric charge that buildups during a storm can damage any device that is connected, including the set-top box, television, converter cases, amplifiers, and so on.

Hence, you should ground both the antenna outside and the coaxial cable that is connected to it. This will protect your TV and all the equipment connected to it from problems caused by thunder. Additionally, you can simply install a surge protector that will protect your devices from electrical surges.

What Can Induce Signal Problems Inside Your House?

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There is a wide range of sources inside your house that might cause interference and disruptions to the TV signals. The problem sources can come from wires or cables that are not properly protected, different problems within the system, as well as malfunctioning equipment.

When you first start noticing that your reception is worse, you probably won’t know what is causing the interference, however, by using the recommendations from above, you can easily fix the reception, and in most cases, improve it. But, there is one thing that you should know – trying to fix your antenna might mean that you need some professional help.

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So, if you are uncertain about fixing it or if you do not want to try it alone, you can opt for a professional company. When choosing a company, you should consider a few things first, including:

1. The Experience – the company you choose needs to be experienced, which is why you should always read the reviews on their official website. But, you should also check the reviews on alternative websites, where they are usually most honest. If there are more bad experiences than good ones, choose a different company.

2. The Price – another important thing you should check is the price. Naturally, if the price is too high or too low, you should not choose those companies. Instead, compare the price, check what services you can get from a specific company, and you’ll be able to figure out what suits your needs best.

3. The Equipment They Use – you should also learn what equipment they learn, especially since you do not want to get some parts that are in a bad state or low-quality. Hence, when you narrow down your list of companies, ensure that you learn what they will use for repairing your antenna and reception.


By trying some of the tips and tricks mentioned above, you might be able to entirely fix your TV reception. Hence, now that you know what you can do, do not waste any more time. Instead, fix the problem right away, and completely enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows.

Meanwhile, if you think these troubleshooting methods are out of your league, there’s no harm in contacting a professional to help you out!

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