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5 Fashionable Ways to Wear Religious Jewelry With Style – A 2024 Guide

If you take a look at some religious jewelry pieces, you might find that they are beautiful, yet quite meaningful at the same time. And, whether you are a complete fashionista or if you are someone who follows some trends from time to time, there is a wide range of options to choose from, which means that there are also various ways to wear different pieces.

So, no matter if you have an upcoming event or if you simply want to learn how you can wear religious jewelry when heading to your office or other places, this article might be able to help you. But, before we take a look at the 5 ways to wear different religious jewelry pieces, let’s first look at the types you can get:

The Types of Religious Jewelry

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As you already know, there are various religions all over the world, however, some are more present then the other, including:

  1. Christian – there is a wide range of Christian ornaments available on the market, yet, some of the most popular choices include cross pendants, rosaries, guardian angel pins, different medals that represent saints, and so on.
  2. Muslim – from different pendants featuring various words and expressions to Hakik rings that are beautiful, you’ll be able to find a lot of options. If you are looking for Muslim religious jewelry, more specifically, gifts for Muslim women, check out Nano Jewelry.
  3. Jewish – this particular religion most commonly has jewelry that features the Star of David, necklaces featuring Hebrew names and expressions, as well as Hamsa pendant that are increasingly popular.
  4. Hindu – Om earrings, charms, and Hindu symbols can be seen on almost all ornaments coming from this religion. Most of them will feature diamonds, precious metals & gems, which is why they tend to be a bit more expensive.
  5. Buddhists – the lotus flower, Buddha, and the yin-yang are only some of the most popular motifs in Buddhist culture and religion. This is, perhaps, a religion that has some of the most inspirational jewelry.

How to Style Them in a Fashionable Way

Although the aforementioned religions are quite different, they all offer the same jewelry including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, pins, and so on. Naturally, you’ll choose what represents your spirituality, however, you can basically style them in the same way, including:

1. Combining Different Pieces

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Just because you’ll wear an accessory that represents your religion, it does not mean that you cannot pair it with other pieces as well. Hence, if you, for example, choose to wear a dress or top that has a V-neckline, you can opt for a necklace that is long and that features a symbol from your religion, but, you can try to combine it with shorter necklaces.

Naturally, you should not simply choose the first necklace in your jewelry box, instead, think about if it will match the metal and colors of your initial necklace, as well as if it matches your outfit. All of this will help you with combining different pieces and it is a tip that applies to rings, bracelets, and earrings as well.

2. Keep in Feminine And Simple For Your Office

If you are planning on wearing these accessories to your office, it might be wise to keep it a bit more simple and feminine. Why you might be wondering? Well, by doing so, you can ensure that your outfit is formal enough, yet that you’ll still be attracting the attention of your co-workers.

For instance, you can choose to wear a simple necklace with a minimalistic pendant or you can choose to wear cross earrings, combined with a simple and subtle bracelet. Hence, you’ll be able to show your faith, while keeping everything simple enough so that it does not make you look messy.

3. Shiny is Always Fashionable

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You might want to add a little bit of sparkle and glam to your outfit, and if so, you can always opt for pieces that feature diamonds, zirconia, gems, or other precious stones. Not only will you look classy and elegant, but the entire outfit and accessory combination will surely be good for a formal night out or a business dinner.

Additionally, if you are heading for a night out and you got entirely dress up, you can choose to pair your outfit with some gold earrings and a golden bracelet or necklace. With it, you’ll look and feel luxurious, which is extremely important if you want to come off as fashionable.

4. For an Earthy Feel, Combine Your Accessories With Leather

Your style might be a bit more subtle, and if so, you might want to wear accessories that are a bit softer and that have an earthy tone. If so, you can always choose to combine your accessories with leather. For instance, you can purchase a gender-neutral bracelet or pendant that features braided strands of leather.

No matter what your religion is, you’ll surely be able to find this combination on the market. Additionally, if you, for instance, buy a pendant that features the Happiness Hamsa, you can choose to place it on a leather string that you’ll tie behind your back. This also makes it easy to combine with almost every outfit, so, it is worth trying it out.

5. Carefully Mix Different Metals

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Although not recommended, it is possible for you to combine different metals. Now, you can already purchase accessories that feature different metals such as a bracelet that has a band made from leather, while the ornaments are solver and gold. On the other hand, always ensure that you combine metals that complement one another.


As you can see, there is a wide range of ways that you can style and wear religious jewelry. And, by following some of the tips mentioned above, you’ll surely be able to wear each and every piece you choose in a fashionable way, no matter what the occasion might be.

Hence, now that you are aware of all the things you can do, you might not want to waste any more of your time. Instead, you should gather some of the accessories you have, return to the beginning of the article, and then try styling it in different ways and with different clothes.

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