7 Ways to Pick Bridesmaid Dresses That Won’t Make You Cringe

Every bride wants her bridesmaids to look gorgeous on her big day, and choosing a perfect bridesmaid gown is the most important thing for that. Unfortunately, without research and good tips, you are very likely to pick out a dress that is anything but flattering!

In this blog, we have gathered some practical tips for you, follow them and you will never make any mistakes. Read on to learn 7 tips to help you pick Modest Bridesmaid Dresses that won’t make you cringe.

1. The Venue of the Wedding

The venue is the key point when it comes to choosing an ideal bridesmaid dress. Some wedding venues might have restrictions on the type of dresses. If your ceremony is outdoors, the color of the dresses needs to look good in natural light, such as eucalyptus, terracotta, and jewel tones, and in light and airy fabrics.

If your wedding will be an indoor ceremony and reception, you may have more freedom in choosing colors, neutrals, metallic colors, or bold colors, most colors will look good indoors, and nearly all fabrics are suitable for an indoor wedding, such as satin, lace, chiffon, crepe and so on. The venue will help you narrow down your options, and make it easier to find a dress that everyone will love.

2. A Simple Silhouette Will Help You Avoid Mistakes


Here it comes to picking a timeless cut that never is dated. The key is to stick to a simple silhouette, regardless of how the trends changes, your squad will look chic and elegant. Consider classic A-line dress or sheath skirt styles, both will never be out of date and will be flatter for nearly all body types.

Avoid picking overly-trendy silhouettes that could quickly go out of style or won’t be flattering for all figures. By selecting a timeless silhouette, you can guarantee your bridesmaids will look beautiful on the wedding day and beyond!

3. Choose a Flattering Neckline

A flattering neckline will be determined if all your squad will look their best. A strapless or sweetheart neckline can be a great choice for bridesmaids with wider shoulders, as it will help to balance out their shape. On the other hand, if your bridesmaids have narrower shoulders, then a halter or scoop-neck dress may be a better choice.

Wide and deep necklines such as V neck, scoop neck, and O neck will look good on apple and pear body shapes, while narrow and high necklines like mock neck, halter, and jewel neckline will be flattering for hourglass and rectangle girls. While for petite girls, one shoulder, strapless and spaghetti straps will make them look taller.

If you’re not sure what kind of neckline would work best for your bridesmaids, don’t be afraid to ask them for their opinion. Most women are familiar with their body shape and can give you some insight into what styles would be most flattering for them.

Finally, keep in mind that you don’t need to select the same neckline for all of your bridesmaids. A mix-and-match look can be fun and allows each bridesmaid to express her individual style. Just make sure the overall look coordinates so that your bridal party still looks cohesive!

4. Opt for Familiar Colors


While you may be tempted to choose something bold and different, the key is to pick a color that you’re comfortable with. Choose a color that you’ve seen in weddings before or one that you have some experience with.

Try to find a few colors that work well together and will suit your wedding theme and palette. Pick a color that fits your venue, décor, and season. Consider going for a subtle shade rather than a bright and flashy one. You can find inspiration from popular wedding websites, Pinterest, and even local wedding shops.

You should also consider the overall aesthetic of the dress itself. For instance, if you want a more classic look, you might opt for a muted pastel color like blush or mauve, while if you are looking for a bold statement piece, then opt for a deep jewel-tone hue like ruby or sapphire.

By familiarizing yourself with colors and shades that flatter your friends, you can make sure everyone looks their best on your special day!

5. Keep the Accessories Minimal

When it comes to accessorizing bridesmaid dresses, avoid anything too flashy or complicated. Accessorizing should be kept to a minimum to keep the focus on your girls and to keep them looking elegant.

A great way to achieve this is to opt for simple jewelry such as a pair of stud earrings, a pendant necklace, and a bracelet. If you want something a bit more glamorous, consider opting for a belt or headpiece.

You can also let your girls choose accessories they like, this can customize their look while keeping it consistent with the overall style of the wedding. Remember that less is often more when it comes to accessorizing and that you should pick items that will complement the dress without overpowering it.

6. Have Your Bridesmaids Pay for Their Own Dresses


Having your bridesmaids pay for their own dresses is a very efficient way, they can pick up a style that they look beautiful in and feel comfortable in. What you need to do is to assign the colors for each of your squad. Plus, it can release some of the financial pressure off of you as the bride-to-be.

Make sure you offer enough guidance and structure so everyone looks cohesive. Give them enough guidelines such as the formality and color range. You could also give your girls some dress links that you like so that they can know what you like.

However, you need to consider their budget when setting the guidelines. Look for affordable options that still look beautiful, for example, eDresstore’s bridesmaid dresses are always at affordable prices. With a little creativity and planning, you can help each bridesmaid find a dress that fits her style and budget.

7. Choose a Dress that Can be Worn Again

If possible, choose a dress style that can be worn again after the wedding, so that your squad will not have to pay for an expensive dress that can only be hung in the wardrobe after the wedding. Opt for a style that is versatile enough to be dressed up or down. Consider going for a dress with a classic shape and silhouette that can be accessorized for a variety of events. A simple sheath dress in a neutral color is a great choice since it can be easily paired with different accessories and layers.

It’s also helpful to choose a dress in a fabric that is low maintenance. Fabrics like chiffon, jersey, and cotton are all great choices because they are lightweight and comfortable while being machine washable. Avoid fabrics such as silk and velvet, which are more delicate and require dry cleaning.

Opt for a floor-length dress, after your wedding, they can be easily hemmed into a midi dress or a short flirty dress and can be worn to work, parties, and other formal occasions.

Choosing a dress style that is both flattering and fashionable is very important to have everyone love it and look their best on your big day. With full consideration of the venue, silhouette, neckline, color, and accessories, as well as the budget, you will be more sure to pick out the best possible dress for your bridesmaids. Remember, these dresses should make you proud to show off your bridesmaids and not cringe in embarrassment. By following our 7 tips, you will be sure to pick out bridesmaid dresses that everyone can feel confident and beautiful in!

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