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7 Easiest Ways to Clean Gutters – A 2024 DIY Guide

Did you ever wonder why we have rain gutters on our homes? If not, you should know that they don’t only protect the siding of your house, but, they also protect its foundation from getting damaged. However, when they are completely filled with sticks, leaves, water, and other debris, they get clogged, which means that there might be water coming from their sides and into your foundation.

In order to prevent your foundation from getting damaged, it is important that you regularly clean them – at least once a year. But, if you never did such a thing by yourself, you might be wondering – what are the steps that I should take? Luckily, this article can help you. Let’s take a closer look at the 2024 DIY guide that’ll help you during the process:

Step 01: Firstly, Gather The Tools And Equipment You’ll Need

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Before you choose to do anything else from this list, the first thing is to gather all the tools and equipment you’ll need. For starters, ensure that you purchase a ladder that is sturdy and functional. Additionally, you’ll need some rubber gloves, a small gutter scoop, a tarp, as well as a gardening hose. Once you gather all of these things, you can move to the next task.

Step 02: Put on Old Clothes

Trust me when I say this, you do not want to wash your drains in new clothes, instead, you should choose some old clothes that you wear when working on DIY projects. You should wear a shirt that has long sleeves, some old pants, and do not forget the rubber gloves that will protect your hands.

Step 03: Place The Ladder Properly

You must place the ladder on a surface that is flat and sturdy – ensure that there aren’t any rocks or other obstacles under it – surface. This will ensure that you can climb up safely, wash the drains, and it will help you prevent any dents on the surface as well. You might also want to have someone around while you are cleaning since they can help if you drop something.

Step 04: Set Up The Tarp

Before you start the entire DIY process, you should set up a tarp underneath the area you’ll be working on. Besides helping you with easily collecting and disposing of the debris, it will also protect your lawn, landscaping, and area around your house. Once you are done with the cleaning, you can simply gather the tarp and dispose of it.

Step 05: Start Removing The Debris

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Once you are ready, you can start removing the debris from the drains by using a gutter scoop. Now, if you do not have one, you can always use a small plastic scoop or an old plastic spatula that you no longer use. It is important for these items to be made from plastic because you’ll prevent damage to the surface.

Now, if you are unsure about the entire process, or if you are scared of heights, there are companies that you can hire such as Not only will they easily take care of your drains, but, they can also tell you whether or not it needs some repairs or replacement, hence, it might be wise to opt for such services.

Step 06: Flush What is Left Out

Although you might try your best to take every single bit of the debris out, there will still be dirt left in the gutters, which is why you should use a gardening hose for flushing it out. Additionally, by doing so, you’ll also clear the downspouts – which is something that is quite important as well.

You should monitor the downspouts while you are flushing the debris and dirt out since you might see whether or not they are clogged. Also, doing this will show you if there are any leaks – which can damage the foundation of your hose – hence, ensure that you look for them while using the hose.

Step 07: Repair What You Can

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While you are up there, check whether there are any sagging surfaces. If so, you should definitely repair them which you can do by utilizing a gutter hanger. They are relatively cheap, but, they’ll ensure that the gutter system works properly, which means that you can easily prevent any damages to your backyard and house.

FAQ: Answered

Besides learning how to wash your gutters, there might be some other questions that you want to be answered, which is why it is important to mention some FAQ people have, including:

How Frequently Do I Need to Wash Them?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, you should clean them at least once a year. However, if you have a lot of trees around your house, you might want to complete the process two or three times. Additionally, if there are a lot of storms, ensure that you clean them since they can easily get clogged.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Professional Company?

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This will mostly rely on where you are living, however, if you opt for hiring a professional company that will help you with cleaning your gutters, you should expect to pay anywhere from 50 to 300 dollars for their services. Keep in mind, the price will mostly depend on the height and size of your home.

Is it Cheaper if I do it by Myself?

Now, this is something that will depend on what tools and equipment you already have. Buying high-quality ladders can be expensive and do not expect a gutter scoop to cost less them 20 dollars. Hence, if you need to buy all of the items mentioned in step 01, it might be better to hire someone for the job.


As you can see from the how-to guide above, there are various steps that you’ll need to take when it comes to cleaning your gutters. But, by following the steps featured in this article, you can ensure that your foundation does not get damaged, and more importantly, you’ll be able to finish the entire process safely.

So, now that you are aware of all the things you’ll have to do, you should not waste any more time – after all, autumn is the most important season for washing drains. Hence, go back to the beginning of the article, and start with the first tip – which is gathering all the equipment you’ll need.

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