7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Your marriage to your partner is your golden day – and what is even better is when you get to celebrate your anniversary – marking each day of togetherness. Anniversaries are a beautiful reminder for you and your partner on the beautiful journey of life that you have embarked on together.

So, why not make every anniversary beautiful by going out of the way to celebrate? To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of romantic and fun things to do on your anniversary. It doesn’t matter whether you are celebrating your first or fiftieth anniversary; you have amazing options to choose from that you can do from home or outdoors.

Here are some amazing ways to celebrate your anniversary!

1. Visit the Place You Got Engaged

You surely would like to revisit your memories by visiting the place where you got engaged. To relive the memories, you can plan a picnic there, pack some amazing anniversary desserts, and maybe even re-exchange vows. Going through the memory lane, you can think about the things that you were feeling at the time when you were committing your life to one another.

More importantly, don’t forget to take the camera with you so you can click photos and see how much you have grown together as a couple.

2. Plan a Cozy Night


You might want to plan a cozy night away from everyday life – and one of the best options for you would be to stay at a “Bed & Breakfast.” What is better than a soft, warm bed and a delicious breakfast being delivered after a romantic night?

You could also add a bit of fun to your cozy night by building a fort, especially when you are at home. Grab loads of pillows and blankets and get comfy on the floor. Don’t forget to watch your favorite series and click pictures for memories.

3. Plan a Romantic Picnic

Find a peaceful spot outdoors for a romantic picnic with your partner. You will want a pace that is away from the noise of the city. Don’t forget to include a throw blanket so you can snuggle while seeing the sun go down. Also, if you want to make things a bit fancy to emphasize the special occasion, you will want to include cushions, proper tableware, and a bottle of champagne with champagne flutes.

4. Enjoy a Couple Spa Day


This anniversary idea is great for those who have a tough routine juggling jobs and looking after the kids – enjoying a Spa day can help both shed the stress away and enjoy a day that is completely designed to help you relax and reconnect.

Make sure you get a variety of services that will help you relax, including facials, body massages, pedicures, and the sauna. This way, you will not only revive your relationship but also revive your body. If you want to enjoy something more intimate, you can enjoy a spa day at home.

5. Try On Your Wedding Clothes

If you want to surprise your spouse, you can try on your wedding clothes for each other and parade around. Many people keep their wedding clothes after getting married only to be never again. However, if the dress and suit still fit, then go for them and wear them. Get all dolled up for your anniversary and enjoy a nice glass of champagne.

While you are at it, you might also want to reenact your first dance as a couple. Or, what is even better- re-exchange your vows and pretend you just got married.

6. Relive Your First Meet-Up


If your first date wasn’t a complete disaster, then you can take your anniversary day to relive your first meetup. You might also reminisce about how nervous you were feeling back then, wondering whether you would click and whether the other person was “the one” or not.

Now that you know that the other person was indeed the one, you will want to relive those feelings by visiting the place where you had your first date. You can talk about the first impressions that you had of each other on that day and also what attracted you to your partner.

Believe us – you will feel that spark again by recreating your first date.

7. Order an Anniversary Cake

Leave the frozen top of your wedding cake in the freeze and order a fresh anniversary cake to munch on. You might want to order a cake from the same bakery that made your wedding cake. It is believed that taste can bring back a variety of feelings, and if you didn’t enjoy your wedding cake on your big day, then you can enjoy it today.

So, opt for the same cake – only make it smaller this time. Put on a list of romantic music and enjoy the cake while dancing a bit.

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