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What Are the Possible Ways to Recover Data for Free

The modern technology of today brings many benefits to people around the globe. Internet technology influences all aspects of our life and our daily routine and habits have changed completely.

When you look closer, the biggest change refers to communication between people. Before social media, communicating with people was much more expensive. Now you can easily talk with people thousands of miles away from you with a couple of clicks. Despite that, the way we spend our money has also changed. You can now purchase a wide range of items from the comfort of your room. Many businesses decided to expand their business to the online world.

These benefits are visible in the business world as well. Companies from different business fields can now reach their audience a lot easier. Despite that, they have more opportunities to advertise their products in different places.

All the facts that we mentioned above show modern technology positively influenced our lives. However, this doesn’t mean that everything around it is perfect. Using technology for personal or business purposes brings some obstacles as well. This especially counts when we talk about data. People are working with a huge number of files each day. Indeed, some of this data might not be too important for the users. Still, among many irrelevant ones, there are those that we need to secure and protect.

You would get surprised by how often people lose important data from their devices. This usually happens because of the mistakes that we accidentally make. For instance, we accidentally deleted a file. It also happens that our device gets infected by different viruses which can cause some serious consequences.

Use Data Recovery Software

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The entire process can be easier if you use data recovery software to recover lost, inaccessible, or deleted data. Do not be nervous because something like this happens. It is more important to react promptly and on time. The good thing about this type of software solutions is that they can recover different types of files. For instance, a good data recovery tool can recover more than 300 types of them. Some can do free recovery of data up to 1 GB. Also, one of the best free data recovery Software that offers recovery of data in loss data loss situations.

You Have Two Different Types of Solutions

Fortunately for you, this type of problem is solvable. In this article, you will discover what are the possible ways to recover data for free. There are two different ways of how you can do this. The first way is to solve it by using different data recovery software. However, in some cases, you might not need to use them. Finding a solution is possible without the usage of any type of program as well. We will analyze both types of solutions and let you pick the one that matches your requirements and expectations.

Recover Deleted Files with Backup

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We will start in this manner because it seems that people do not understand the importance of backups. Most device users do not back up their files often. You will find people that do not do this at all. Because of that, the first message that we have for you is to back up your files often.

Okay, the entire process will not be as complex as you might think. Before everything, you should go to “Control Panel” and see which options you have there. Find the one under the name “Backup and Restore”. After you do that, there will be an option “Restore My Files” that you need to choose. After that, you will get many on-screen instructions. We recommend you follow them carefully to accomplish the entire process.

Once again we need to mention that regular backups are necessary. If you haven’t done any backups before the file was deleted, this method won’t work for you. Because of that, some other solutions from our list might be a better choice.

Recover Lost Data from the Previous Version

Restoring the previous version is the second way to recover your lost data. Fortunately for you, the entire process is easy as well. You will complete it if you go through three different steps.

The users should primarily go to the directory of the folder where the lost file was located. Right-click on that folder and pick the option “properties”. There you will see a tab under the name “Previous Versions”. You will easily see if any restorable version exists or not. In case you find your file there, you will easily recover it with one click.

Still, we need to highlight one disadvantage that this method has. This way of data recovery does not work for all types of folders. It might happen that some of them don’t have saves taken. If that is the case with your folder, unfortunately, this method won’t help a lot. However, there is no reason not to try it out. You might get lucky and see that a previous version is available.

Command Prompt Might Help As Well

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We know that the previous 2 solutions will seem more preferable to you. However, you do not have to be a genius to try out this way. The entire process of recovering a lost file is not that tough.

Before everything, go to the Windows Search and type “Command Prompt“. When you get the top result, do not left-click the app. Instead, you should right-click it and pick the “Run as Administrator” option after you do that. When you open the app, there is one command that you need to type. The command is “chkdsk C: /f”. It will probably be best to copy/paste the text that we wrote. After you enter it in a search box, the only thing you need to do is to press “Enter”. Still, there is one note that we need to highlight here. As you might know, “C:” is the default drive letter. It might happen that the users will have to change this part.

You won’t need to wait a lot for the “disk check” process to complete. When that happens, type – “ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D C: *.*”. Once again, we recommend you copy this code. Still, do not forget the note that we previously shared with you. As we said, C: is the default drive letter. If this command doesn’t work, you might need to change it to another letter.

Do not try to stop any of the commands that we shared with you. The entire process must come to an end. If you stop the process, you might make certain mistakes that can cost you a lot.

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