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Ways In Which You Can Use Dinosaur Costume

Dinosaurs are big, unusual, dangerous, scary and exciting. They have not existed for millions of years, but children love them and know everything about them. Children are amazed by the size of these prehistoric animals. How did they hunt? How did they defend themselves? How did they disappear? Some studies show that interest in dinosaurs occurs between the second and seventh year. And some other studies say again that we are inclined to them in later years. Why are dinosaurs so interesting to us?

Dinosaurs As Fascination

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Dinosaurs. They appeared on Earth about 230 million years ago and then ruled the planet for 160 million years. And then, they disappeared. Almost overnight. It happened 65 or 66 million years ago. Indeed, at the mention of these missing creatures we all have our associations, but few are scared of them. We usually remember a cartoon about Fred Flintstone and his pet Dino or the famous movie Jurassic Park. Probably in the fact that these creatures have not existed for millions of years, lies the answer why children are mostly fascinated by them, and rarely any child is scared of dinosaurs.

It Is In Human Nature That We Love Scary and Exciting Things

Anything big and scary is exciting. And adults are somehow fascinated and terrified by sharks, lions, crocodiles, and other predators. Could it be more fascinating to watch one of them capture and master its prey? Children are also aware of this. But unlike all those animals that, theoretically, can sometimes meet during life, there is also the fact that one Tyrannosaurus Rex is no longer there. Therefore, fear is not present, but they can allow themselves to be enchanted. They can find out whatever they want about them, play with them, emulate them, and feel safe. In a way, it is reminiscent of fascinations for vampires, werewolves, zombies. But unlike these fictional creatures, dinosaurs did exist.

They Are Loved By The Adults As Well

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The adults also can’t resist the dinosaurs. Many people even collect figurines of different dinosaurs during their adulthood and make collections, some of which are worth millions of dollars. We also remember the character Ross Geller from the famous sitcom Friends, who was paleontology obsessed with dinosaurs. And why do adults love them so much?

Dinosaurs Represent Power Traits

Dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus Rex is the embodiment of power and speed. Others may be resourceful. There are also those who, with their long necks grasping the treetops – show how nature used to be wise. Even adults can let their imagination run wild and identify with all these traits.

Dinosaur Costume – Everyone’s Favorite

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After everything we have found out about dinosaurs – it is no wonder that this animal-motive is used in many industries. Products with a dino motive have a pass with most customers. Of course, kids and baby products are kind of at the forefront here – which is logical. Most often we will buy them in the form of toys for children. However, dinosaurs can also be found on T-shirts for adults, linens for children and teens, and many other products. One of the favorite products for both children and adults – are dinosaur costumes. These costumes are bought, rented and worn on various occasions. From children’s birthdays, through Halloween masks, to serious marketing campaigns.

Kids Birthdays

One of the funniest activities at children’s celebrations and masquerades are painting their faces or wearing masks. A large number of playrooms and birthday parties offer “face-painting” and “masking” as part of the organization of the birthday celebration. Every child, whether it is a boy or a girl, enjoys camouflage, as do all their “little guests”. Because of this, all the little ones enjoy giving their imagination at will quickly turn into a lion, a tiger, a princess, or of course – a dinosaur.

When masquerade time comes in kindergarten, your little one wants to have the most interesting costume – a dinosaur costume, of course, confirms


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Around the world, October 31 is known as Halloween. On that day, everyone is costumed in ghosts, skeletons, witches and of course,  the dinosaurs. In mid-October, preparations are underway for this now widespread holiday, which is marked by costumed parties. For the party to be complete, everyone has to be costumed and make pumpkin lamps for their homes. This custom originates from pagan Celtic people in Ireland, Britain and northern France.

Since they believed that life was born out of death, they marked the end of the fall to mark the beginning of their new year. For them, it was a period when nature was dying because, according to their belief, its death represents a time of darkness, decay, and death. On that day a fire was extinguished on the domestic hearths and darkness would prevail everywhere. When you meet a dinosaur in such darkness, especially a T-Rex – you will certainly get scared. We suggest you find some of the costumes of these terrible predators from the past – and Halloween is sure to be successful. You will come home with a lot of sweets, because – who could reject a dinosaur?


If you thought costumes like this were only worn on masquerades and during the holidays – you were fooled. Costumes like this can also be a very powerful tool in marketing. Say in advertising a product or a service. I can bet you strolled through the city at least once and bumped on a huge chicken, a walking hotdog, a shark or a dinosaur. Many restaurants, supermarkets or toy stores resort to this technique to attract potential customers. For example, if someone in front of the toy store sees a promoter dressed in a dinosaur costume – they certainly won’t resist going in and buying something. Not to mention the power of so-called crowdfunding marketing.


Marketing as the main reason for raising money through crowdfunding becomes important if it is teaming with celebrities or interesting costumes. An example of this is the Bonobos shark costume for Katy Perry performances or the numerous animal welfare associations that have costumed characters like pandas, koalas, polar bears or other animals for whose help the money was raised.

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