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5 Ways on How a DUI Lawyer Can Help You

It is a crime to drive under the influence of an intoxicating or a prohibited substance. You can always represent yourself in court if you wish. However, only an experienced DUI attorney can help you in more ways than you can imagine. Here are 5 ways on how a DUI lawyer can help you.

1. In-depth Knowledge of Inner Workings of the Criminal Justice System

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Only the criminal courts will have jurisdiction of your case. The legal proceedings can be very tough. The prosecutors will build their case and will put you in a bad light.

There are two ways your DUI case can be heard and decided upon in the courts. These are the jury trial and the bench or judge trial. Most DUI attorneys recommend getting a jury trial. It can be a very lengthy process. Most prosecutors do not want to go the long and tedious process. As such, they will be more than willing to settle the case without having to go to trial.

An experienced DUI attorney, like those at, knows this. They also know the ins and outs of the local criminal courts. This will give you a definite advantage than when you choose to represent yourself.

2. Advises You When it is Safe to Talk

It is important to recognize that prosecutors can use your very own words against you. Being charged with DUI can cloud your judgment. You will not be able to think clearly. Emotions run high. You may say things in an emotional outburst. Prosecutors can then use these pieces of information in building their case against you.

That is why defendants are always advised to talk only to their respective attorneys. A competent lawyer can advise you whether to answer a particular question or not. He can also make you understand that taking the stand may not be a good idea. Taking the stand can expose you to the questioning tactics of prosecutors. It leaves you vulnerable. They can heighten your emotions in an effort to elicit a desirable response.

3. Keeps Track of the Different Filings and Deadlines

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Cases of DUI have very strict deadlines that all parties need to meet. A good example is requesting the police department for a copy of the police dashcam footage. You can only make the request within a certain period of time. Once the time period lapses, you may no longer have the necessary evidence you need to prove the possibility of police misconduct.

There are also many emotions that an attorney can file. Each of these motions also has their respective deadlines. Each motion also needs to be in the correct form. You don’t want any technicalities to make your case even more difficult to handle.

4. Negotiates with Prosecutors

Prosecutors are very dedicated to their work and so is your DUI attorney. While they may slug it out in the courtroom, these lawyers have more cordial relations outside the courts. They have already many years of negotiating know-how, trust, and goodwill that you do not have.

This relationship makes it a lot easier for both parties to hammer out a more suitable alternative to jail time. In most cases, they will try to settle a plea bargain, which can help reduce the severity of your penalty.

5. Helps in Getting Your Conviction Expunged

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In the event that you get a DUI conviction, a DUI attorney can still help you. He can work with the local or state court to have the DUI conviction expunged. The process hides your conviction so that prospective employers, creditors, and educational institutions will not be able to see your criminal record. This also includes other entities that may perform a background check on you.

Do keep in mind that states have different DUI expungement laws. There are states that do not allow for the expungement of criminal records unless the case did not lead to a conviction. There are also those that allow expungement, provided certain conditions are met. Your DUI attorney will know how to navigate these laws.

These are 5 of the many ways a DUI attorney can help you. You can always get in touch with a DUI attorney to find out more how they can help you in your DUI case.

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