Wanna Buy A Travel Trailer? What Are The Benefits?

If this is your choice, you do not need to know how to pitch a tent, nor do you have to give up basic comfort, electricity or a comfortable bed. In most campsites, you can enjoy your caravan. If you have a caravan and are an experienced camper, it will cost you much less, and the advantage is that you can fly to many places this way. So, there is no limit for you.

According to trailer dealer HorseClicks, recent research shows that more and more people are renting travel trailers for their travels, whether it is a weekend trip or a long-distance trip. The key argument put forward is the comfort and safety that this vehicle provides. In recent years, travel trailers have regained their popularity. This type of vehicle is especially loved by adventurers and those who are in love with travelling.

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A Trailer

When you mention the travel trailer – the first association is the small, modestly equipped trailer from 30 years ago that is only used by hunters and fishermen today. You won’t find such trailers in today’s camps. What dominates the campsites are trailers with lengths of 5 to 7.5 meters of different brands, most often Tabbert, Hobby, Fendt, Knaus, which are among the highest quality in the world. Since today’s trailers are just over 2 meters wide, the usable area is about 12 to 15 m2, although some are far larger.

What Do Such Trailers Contain?

Today’s travel trailers do not lag behind the yachts in terms of their interior design. Therefore if you are planning to purchase a trailer and are interested in the interior – this can help you in the ranking. Depending on the length of the trailer, the number of beds can vary from 4 to 6. Shorter ones, those from 5 to 6 meters – usually have 4 beds, while longer ones are from 5 to 6 beds.

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4-Beds Set Up

The bed setup for a 4-bed trailer has generally 2 single beds plus a corner sofa that can be used as a double bed. The corner furniture is in the function of the set during the day, and in the evening it is positioned – and then the dining table is used as a bed-floor. We must mention that the layout is very simple, and it’s all so well measured and designed that when you turn the table into a bed you would never think that there was once a dining room. The two separate beds are generally located in a separate room with sliding doors, which allows for a certain level of privacy. The second part of the trailer contains the dining room, fridge, kitchen with the stove and sink. At the border between the kitchen and the double room is a bathroom with a shower and toilet.

5 To 6 Beds Set Up

Trailers with 5 or 6 beds usually have another table in the middle that can be converted into a bed, but for one person. Such trailers allow you to keep the corner furniture in full use of the bed and use the center table as a dining table. Trailers that have bunk beds are very practical as this saves space. They generally have five beds where the fifth is a centrally placed table that converts into a bed.

Preparation And Storage Of The Travel Trailer When It’s Offseason

Timely preparation for the winter days can save a lot of time, money and nerves. So deal with your travel trailer in time and do not let the coldest season become synonymous with problems.

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1. Covers

Travel trailer cover is one of the essential accessories for a trailer. They are mostly used by those who have to leave their trailers outdoors. In this case, they can be harmed by various things, such as weather, falling objects, stones, etc. But while many are aware of these dangers, they still do not choose to buy and install a travel trailer cover. Why is it like that? Some feel they do not need it, some find it difficult to set up. According to carcover.com, it actually sets up very quickly and can often save you from significant harm. It will help you preserve your travel trailer in good shape, no matter the weather conditions. That means summer, as well as wintertime. The travel trailer cover is available in several sizes so you can always find the right one.

2. Immediately Solve The Cracks On The Windows

Little damages on the windows in winter are a big risk. It is due to drastic differences in temperature. Also, at some point, it can be 10 degrees below zero outside and in your travel trailer twenty or more above zero. Such temperature differences, mean that the glass shrinks and expands, causing the cracks to expand to a degree when they can no longer be repaired. Therefore, check for any damage to your glass repair and replacement services – if it is cost-effective, do so. You can insure your trailer and cut the costs if such damages happen. Companies such as Frank Pickles Insurance can help you with this.

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3. Waxing And Polishing

Waxing is done by solid or liquid wax, to protect the vehicle during the summer and winter, but also to give a brighter appearance to your travel trailer. Polishing partially removes a certain layer of paint/varnish so that certain damage like scratches can be successfully repaired. It is also used to give your trailer some extra shine.

4. Take Care Of The Scratches

All the scratches, minor damage and places where corrosion has already started, are in a big hit during the winter. So make sure you pack your travel trailer. The most important thing is to prevent corrosion from spreading. Protect small scratches with a colour corrector or car varnish, and if a larger surface is affected, contact a workshop.

Source: Camper Report

5. Prevent Ice In The Locks

To prevent icing of the door locks, periodically spray one of the special anti-freeze agents. There is also a spray to defrost the locks, which, logically, is a must-have. Also, injecting glycerin into all locks after washing will prevent the formation of ice.

Benefits Of Having A Travel Trailer

Despite the somewhat inconvenient maintenance during the winter, having a travel trailer gives you many benefits and enjoyment. Some of them are certainly familiar to you …

1. Forget About Expensive Hotels

The first and main function of this vehicle is the fact that it saves you from going to the hotel. Of course, staying at the hotel is great, but the prices are not that fabulous. Because of this, people often buy vehicles like these because they can spend up to two hundred hours without paying for hotel services.

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2. Socializing With Family And Friends

As they are spacious enough, the travel trailer can easily accommodate a family of five. This means you can embark on a great family trip that you will never forget.

3. Adventure

The travel trailer offers you just that, an adventure that you can create yourself. There are no limits. Wherever you go, be sure to have an adventure you will always remember.

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4. You Can Sleep Wherever You Want

You can park your motorhome anywhere and spend the day or night there. Some countries allow parking only at designated parking places, but in such countries, there are dozens of camping sites, so you will always be able to find a place by the beach.

5. You Will Meet Many People

Campers often visit campsites, which are great places to hang out with other campers. There you can meet a large number of people who share your interests and some can even get to know the love of their life.

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