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Vector Builder’s DNA Cloning Services and Online Vector Design Platform Review

History is replete with stories of cloning, and the first instance of cloning ever recorded happened in 1885 when Hans Dreisch successfully cloned sea urchins. Ever since then, efforts at perfecting the art of molecular cloning and gene synthesis has gathered momentum from the 19th century into the 20th century. Today, the demand for quality DNA cloning has increased as society seeks out better ways to advance agriculture, medicine, and even security.

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It’s no small wonder that gene-editing companies are springing up everywhere as demand grows significantly for quality DNA cloning services. For researchers, field naturalists and medical scientists to succeed in their respective pursuits, their virus packaging, and custom clone needs have to be met, and this is what Vector Builder’s online platform was created to address.

Vector Builder is an online platform that was created to make vector building successful, fast, and affordable for all researchers. Their innovative platform provides users with unified data related to various vector designs. On this platform, registered members can submit inquiries or place orders for:

Virus packaging

Library construction

Plasmid DNA preparation

RNA preparation


BAC Modification

CRISPR targeting

And so much more.

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In the past, researchers spent precious weeks, months and even years working on vector designs but over time, they saw the need to hire gene cloning services for this endeavor so they could focus on other scientific pursuits. If you are a researcher and you wish to save yourself the time and effort of cloning DNA on your own have you can hire experts to handle your routine genetic testing and cloning responsibilities. Or better still, you can outsource your DNA cloning projects from among the templates you already have in store.

Over the years, this platform has served the interest of many entities by providing them with essential custom vectors and DNA cloning services. Working with any of their molecular biology experts has so many benefits some of which are

Save individual, corporate and academic entities the time needed to clone new vectors

Avoid costly mistakes when performing genomic cloning which may negatively impact the success of scientific projects

Reducing the financial costs of cloning by offering projects to VectorBuilder biologists who their services offer cheaper rates.

Providing limitless data on research and vector templates already curated by registered Vector Builder biologists

Packaging virus in the safest and most effective manner

Aid workflow by, researchers and entities with access to precious data with just a few clicks.

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